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Update: Bikers wearing internationally-certified (DOT, ECE and SNELL) helmets woke up on Tuesday to a shocking report that said the Bengaluru Traffic Police would confiscate all helmets that come without ISI mark from February 1.

The report in the Times of India quoted R Hitendra, Additional Commissioner of Police (traffic), as saying about internationally-certified: "We will not accept such helmets. We will only accept those with an ISI mark."

The report came after the Bengaluru Traffic Police's Twitter handle assured people that DOT, ECE and SNELL-certified helmets could be used.

Riders don't need to panic, however. Hitendra himself confirmed on Twitter that the police would not confiscate internationally-certified from next month.

"BTP will write to the transport department seeking clarification about the non-ISI helmets in view of the claims from the buyers of imported helmets are better than ISI. Till they reply BTP will not take any action on them," he tweeted on Tuesday at 12:51 pm.

Original story: The Bengaluru Traffic Police will from February 1 embark on an ambitious safety drive that will see them confiscating non-ISI-certified helmets that are being used by two-wheeler riders.

The city traffic police will make it mandatory for motorists to use Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)-certified helmets. The law enforcement authority is currently on an awareness drive to that end.

Meanwhile, bikers in the city have also raised concerns over the ISI mark being the only criteria for better-quality helmets. Many passionate bikers in the city are using helmets that have international certifications like DOT, ECE and SNELL, and there was until recently no clarity over the fate of such helmets from February 1.

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Now, the Bengaluru Traffic Police have confirmed that riders possessing such helmets need not worry and can continue to wear them.

Replying to a tweet asking for clarification on the use of internationally-certified helmets, the official handle of the Bengaluru Traffic Police replied: "Yes it can be used."

Twitterati then suggested that the department inform the traffic cops on the road about the international certification of the helmets as many of them may not be aware of it.

What is ISI mark?

ISI mark is a certification mark given to a product that conforms to a set Indian standards for quality. Seen in the form of IS:xxxx on top of the mark on products, it is a certification issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) — the national standards body of India.

The ISI mark is by far the most recognisable quality certification mark in India.

How can I check my helmet is genuinely ISI-certified?

As the demand for ISI-marked helmets will be higher in the coming days, there are possibilities that helmets with fake ISI marks will flood the market.

Follow three simple steps to ensure you are buying a genuine unit:

  1. Check the ISI mark, the helmet's IS code (IS 4151) above the ISI mark and the manufacturer's code (CM/L) below the ISI mark before buying.
  2. The ISI marking in helmets should be non-removable laminated print. It will not be a removable sticker.
  3. Buyers can verify the manufacturer at the BIS website http://www.bis.org.in by providing the CM/L code.
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