Royal Enfield exhausts, Royal Enfield exhausts crushed
Royal Enfield exhausts seized by Bengaluru traffic police being crushed by a road rollerBengaluru Traffic Police

"If you wondered what we do with all the Defective Silencers, Shrill Horns and Number Plates, this pic should answer your question." This was the caption of one of the images posted by the official handle of Bengaluru Traffic Police recently to welcome the biking fraternity of the silicon city. This was in response to their poser to the cops on the status of seized exhausts.

And if indeed you are still unsure, the image of a bulldozer warping all the offending ear splattering exhausts and faulty number plates is soon followed by the video of the same.

Vexed by what has become a constant irritant by bikers, Bengaluru Traffic Police has embarked on a mission to end the practice simply by stripping the loud exhausts from the bikes, mostly Royal Enfield and crushing them using a road roller. It might sound a bit weird, but the traffic police in the city thought this to be a novel way to get rid of the persistent irritation caused by the noise bellowing exhausts.

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While it feels good to have a motorcycle accessorised with funky and loud exhausts, the resulting decibel levels are never pleasant to the ears of other commuters on the road. However, the post shared by the city police received mixed responses. While some advised the cops to curb it at the beginning rather than curing it after the damage is done, others questioned the police on their yardsticks in determining what constitutes an offence. Some users also asked the cops to lend the road roller to BBMP to fix the potholes.