Some people's behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic has been shocking no less. Anti-mask protests are a thing and people have been ditching face masks in public to make a point that is not backed by scientific evidence. But that's not where things end. Anti-maskers, as they are being called, have often engaged in feuds with people in supermarkets, restaurants and cafes and some incidents were caught on tape and have gone viral drawing flak from people as well as health experts.

One such incident took place in a San Diego Starbucks, when a barista refused to serve a customer for not wearing a face mask. Amber Lynn Gilles was so furious for not being served at the coffee shop, she took a photo of the barista, Lenin Gutierrez, and posted online in an attempt to shame him. But things didn't exactly go as planned, instead ended up benefitting Gutierrez.

$100,000 in tips

Lenin Gutierrez - Starbucks barista
Lenin Gutierrez - Starbucks barista turned heroGoFundMe

After Gutierrez's photo and the entire incident came to light, people started supporting him for standing up to the woman. One of the supporters started a GoFundMe account to raise "tips" for the barista. In a matter of days, the account reached $105,000.

It sure didn't make Gilles happy, who said: "It was discrimination and everybody is OK with it and enabling and rewarding that behavior," according to KGTV.

Gilles cited various reasons for her not wearing a mask, such as a 2015 pelvic exam for ovarian cysts, asthma, mask-acne and finally that face masks are useless. None of the reasons account for ditching a face mask, according to health experts.

Anti-masker demands half the "tips"

Clearly, things didn't go her way when people started showing support to Gutierrez when she was the one who brought the incident to light. But being on the wrong (scientifically and legally) somehow appears to have given her the sense that she is owed half the money Gutierrez got as tips.