Star Wars
Star Wars: Episode VIII, titled The Last Jedi, will hit the big screens across the globe in December.Facebook/Star Wars

When Star Wars returns with Episode VIII in December, Finn will definitely have an important role to play. It will be interesting to find out how he tries to defeat the main antagonist Kylo Ren and the stormtroopers in The Last Jedi.

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Although the Resistance managed to defeat the First Order at the Starkiller Base in The Force Awakens, it will not be an easy task for the former stormtrooper and team to strike them again.

Speculations are rife about Supreme Leader Snoke and his followers preparing for a space war in their secret base, which is a triangle-shaped wedge with features similar to the classic Super Star Destroyer.

While the outer layer of the gigantic huge wedge will be red in colour and covered with lightly snowy texture, the interiors will feature Death-star style architecture and technology, blending with natural environment and rocks.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Kylo Ren will be more powerful and terrifying in The Last Jedi. With his new dark outfit, similar to that of his grandfather Darth Vader, he will prepare himself to be the new Sith Lord.

So Resistance might suggest Finn to go undercover as a stormtrooper and plant explosives in the main command ship. According to Making, John Boyega's character wears a stormtrooper uniform in Star Wars VIII and meets a trooper who knows him as FN-2187.

The website states that the trooper does not know much about the space battle at Starkiller Base as he was informed that Finn was undercover in the sequel. So he starts an unusual interaction with the former stormtrooper and congratulates him on his promotion.

Another important plot twist that can be expected in Episode VIII is related to Princess Leia Organa. Ever since Lucasfilm announced its plans to reshoot The Last Jedi, Star Wars fans started wondering if the scenes of Carrie Fisher will be cut short.

However, Star Wars expert Mike Zeroh says that the production team is in search for extras aged between 16 and 90 for paying tribute to the legendary actress in the upcoming science fiction film, according to Express daily.

"I think that what they're going to be doing is modifying the scenes perhaps to make them all the more special and...bring an interesting tribute to her as a person," the Star Wars expert said.