Last week's D23 Expo 2015 brought scoops from many big names of Hollywood, including Disney Animation, Pixas, Lucasfilm and Disney. The presentations teased us with what can be expected from some of the most anticipated films in the coming months.

We have compiled some of the greatest reveals from D23 Expo 2012:

  • "Star Wars"

Along with new cast member announcements, everything you need to know about "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" before its December release was revealed last week. A new poster of the film by veteran poster artist Drew Struzan was released, while director JJ Abrams revealed how long the movie currently runs.

While it was announced that "Jurassic World" director Colin Trevorrow will direct "Star Wars Episode 9", a cast photo -- which confirmed many casting rumours -- of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" was also displayed at the event.

  • "Doctor Strange"

Although titular star of Marvel's upcoming movie Benedict Cumberbatch could not make it to the convention, he did send a video message wherein he said that he is "very lucky and very excited to take on Doctor Strange," calling the superhero an "extraordinary character who brings in a whole other dimension, multiple dimensions to the Marvel Universe."

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, said that the plans for "Doctor Strange" began to take shape even before the inception of Marvel Cinematic Universe, saying that movies like this are basically a means to consistently expand the concept of what a comic book film is, and what an MCU film is.

  • "Captain America: Civil War"

The final instalment of "Captain America" is currently being shot in Germany will introduce the Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), as expected, and proof of this was given to fans with the new footage from the movie, which was released at D23 Expo. At the event, which was attended by both Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and the Falcon (Anthony Mackie), the video that also featured Black Widow, Crossbones, Falcon, Captain America, Bucky, Ant Man, Scarlett Witch, Vision and Hawkeye was played.

The video also showed Martin Freeman -- whose character has still been kept a secret -- seemingly tracking down superheroes.

  • Disney Animation and Live-Action

Latin singer Shakira has been signed on as the voice actor for upcoming "Zootopia", while it was announced that a new take on "Jack and the Beanstalk" will be created by Disney with the title, "Gigantic".

Jon Favreau's "Jungle Book" was also premiered at D23 Expo with a great footage that left the fans in awe, everyone is especially impressed with the CGI. In the clip that was shared, we hear the voice some of the most pivotal characters, including Kaa (Scarlett Johanson), Bagheera (Ben kinglsey), Shere Khan (Idris Elba) and Baloo (Bill Murray).


  • "Pixar"

Jay of "Modern Family", Ed O'Neill will be part of upcoming "Finding Dory" and it was also confirmed that "Toy Story 4" will depict the romance between Bo Peep and Woody.