Ezra and Kanan will meet a new ally in the upcoming episode, titled "A Princess on Lothal", of "Star Wars Rebels" Season 2.

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The synopsis of the episode reads: "An aide to Bail Organa is sent to Lothal with ships for the rebel fleet, but an Imperial lockdown forces the rebels to come up with a new plan to steal the vehicles."

It seems Leia has followed the convoy without telling her father, Bail Organa, about it. She intends to meet the rebel soldiers and help them with the plans.

However, Bail soon notices Leia is missing, and aware of his daughter's thirst for adventure, immediately orders his soldiers to follow the convoy as he suspects Leia is with it.

Whether Leia manage to join the Rebel alliance or Bail's soldiers bring her back will be seen only in the next episode.

In the previous episode, titled "Legacy", Ezra dreamt about his parents and convinced himself it was a vision that would lead him the discovery their fate.

Hera and Kanan told Ezra they had spent months secretly investigating the Imperial prisons and there had been a recent prison break.

Just when they were about to leave, the Imperial fleet detected them based on the intelligence from the probe droid of the Seventh Sister.

Ezra and Kanan managed to escape to Lothal in the Phantom, leaving the Ghost behind to assist in the escape of the rebel fleet.

On Lothal, Ezra met Ryder Azadi, who was the former governor of Lothal. Azadi told Ezra his parents were killed while trying to break out of the Imperial prison.

While saddened by the news, Ezra vowed he would make his parents proud by executing the plan at any cost.