Golf-ball-sized hail in St Louis
Golf-ball-sized hail in St LouisTwitter

Some areas in St Louis witnessed heavy hailstorm and rainfall on Tuesday morning, 7 April. Golf-ball-sized hail was seen covering the ground in these regions, while flood affected the traffic.

KMBC had reported about a warning of a severe thunderstorm that was to hit Saline County, Missouri, at 11.30 pm. But latest reports suggest that the storm entered the region at 8 am and moved over downtown St Louis around 10.30 am. The streets in the region were flooded due to the continued storm and rainfall and vehicles were stuck in high water, reports KMOV.

Some regions have been reported to have received an average of 1.3 inches of rain. One town in Missouri recorded more than two inches of rain within half-an-hour. The atrocious weather caused several crashes, but no injuries were immediately reported, according to the Daily Mail.

The National Weather Service claims that the flooded situation in St Louis arose as the drainage systems were unable to handle the sheer volume of water and ice during the downpour. Hailstones, the size of golf balls, were reported from several cities including Columbia, Warrenton and Williamsburg, according to the Weather Channel.

Some people took to their Twitter handles to share photos and other updates about the damage caused by the hailstorm, thunder, lightning and rainfall in St Louis on Tuesday morning. We bring to you some unique Twitter posts.