Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan has landed himself in another controversy after getting into a scuffle with a Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) security officer outside Wankhede stadium, Mumbai, following an Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket match.

Khan's alleged scuffle with security officials have forced cricket officials to file a police complaint against him and has also evoked them to impose a lifetime ban on Khan from entering the ground.

The alleged scuffle took place at the gates of the stadium, when security officials stopped Khan from entering the ground. According to reports, the actor was drunk and started manhandling the officials who stopped his entry into the stadium after the Kolkata Night Riders, the actor owned team, and Mumbai Indians match. 

"Shah Rukh smelled of alcohol but he was not drinking at the stadium. It is not an offence. But he was abusing and threatening the MCA and BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) official," Iqbal Sheikh, Mumbai assistant commissioner of police, said.

The fight started after Khan's team defeated Mumbai Indians in an IPL match Wednesday night. The actor and his associates wanted to celebrate their win after the presentation ceremony but they were not allowed to do so. What annoyed Khan was that MCA officials switched off the flood lights.

Sheikh is also a member of the MCA managing committee and he was in attendance at the ground when the incident happened.

"I took him out and separated him because the incident was turning ugly. While being taken away he was showering abuses on MCA and BCCI officials. We are investigating the matter," Sheikh said.

Meanwhile, people have posted their reactions on Twitter about the fight between Shah Rukh and MCA officials. While some people are supporting Khan, others are saying that he should apologize to the officials.

Below are some tweets people have posted about Khan's recent controversy.

Ban on SRK? Think again..Indians wil ban KKR matches too without him..HALF STADIUM EMPTY #SRK #isupportsrk @Truly_Hitesh

Recent News -Shirish Kundar was dressed as one of the security guards who bet up Shah Rukh Khan..#SRK @naman_kapoor02

Is that ban applicable to Amir Khan's dog also? #SRK @NagPingili

#SatyamevJayate's next season first topic would be harassment and abusement to security gaurds by #SRK!#OKBye @Trolled_Kid

#SRK can fall to any level, ego hits high on him, ban him!  @Sush_Amin

When #KKR performs, #SRK overperforms @ankithmenon

Dear MCA Please Stop Your Fake Drama Its Wankhede Stadium Not White House! #iSupportSRK  @khanaanis

Be READY some will attack u for saying what u saw they live in their small world where whatever happen is #SRK fault #ipl5 @SaaRaa_99

Shah Rukh Khan: My name is 'controversy' Khan? - Firstpost  @SRK_King_Khan

Life time Ban on entering Wankhade? I think Shah Rukh Khan tried to Enter into the Ladies Bathroom at the Stadium. #SRK @YouthstarYuvi