Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham starrer has minted a historic 542 crores gross worldwide in 5 days and it continues its record-breaking run at the box office. The team of Pathaan interacted with the media on the massive success of their film. The press conference of the film was held in Mumbai on Monday evening.


The cast of the film along with director Siddharth Anand addressed the media.

The actors spoke thanked the fans and media for supporting the film. Shah Rukh Khan as usual charmed the media and fans present at the press conference. King Khan sang for Deepika Padukone, grooved to the hook step of Jhoome Jo Pathaan, kissed John Abraham and also mentioned Bhai Salman Khan and praised the actor for his cameo. Other than that, the actor also mouthed dialogue from the film Pathaan.


On film being shot amidst covid times

At the press conference, SRK said, "The film was shot during Covid. Everybody has shown so much kindness for the film. We are extremely grateful to the audience. We thank you (the audience) on behalf of our team for bringing life back to the big screen. One to two years I did not work. But I could spend time with my family and friends. I could watch my kids - Aryan, Suhana, AbRam - grow up."

srk n deepika

SRK sang for Deepika

For Deepika, he sang a couple of lines from Ankhon Meri Teri from Om Shanti Om (their first film together and also the actress' debut); for John, SRK sang Dhoom Machale and for Siddharth Anand, a line from Salaam Namaste – John Abraham starred in the first Dhoom film, Siddharth directed Salaam Namaste.

Shah Rukh Khan on waving to his fans from his Mannat balcony

Shah Rukh Khan said, "I was told when something doesn't work, go to those who love you. I am very fortunate that I have millions who give me love. When I am happy, I come to my balcony, when I am sad, I come to the balcony. I am fortunate to have been given a permanent balcony ticket."

On his advice to youngsters

SRK said, "Whenever we make films, the aim is to spread love and kindness. Even if we are playing bad characters, or saying things in the film, it isn't intended to hurt any sentiment. Fun and entertainment should be left at that— don't take it seriously. We love each other and just want to spread love. 

On diverse culture

"This is Deepika Padukone, she is Amar; I am Shah Rukh Khan, Akbar; this is John Abraham, he is Anthony. And this is what makes cinema. Amar Akbar and Anthony. There are no differences that any of us have for anybody. Any culture, any aspect of life. We love you and that's why we make films. We love you to give us love. Give us love, we are hungry for love," said Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan on his love for doing action films

SRK narrated a story on Aditya Chopra always assured he would cast King Khan in an action film but it didn't happen. However, after almost 30 years, SRK was offered Pathaan. An elated SRK in gratitude said,  "When we were shooting Darr, Adi narrated to me a story where I'm the action hero. I got very excited. I really wanted to be an action hero. The one who wears a baniyan, has muscles, a girl in one hand and a gun in the other. But when he narrated the film after Darr, he said, 'Tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam... ' I was like, 'Where's the action?' I thought he'd come to me with something like Auzaar, Hathoda, Paththar. Four years ago, he narrated to me another action film but he again didn't make it. But when he narrated to me the opening scene of Pathaan, I told Pooja (manager) that he's lying! That he won't make an action film. I thank him that he has kept his promise. DDLJ and Pathaan are running at a cinema hall! I'm very very happy with that. I hope Adi takes me more in action films now."

Shah Rukh Khan thanks Salman Khan

SRK said, "One person who is not here, I think all of us love him more than anyone can, Bhai is not here, thank you Salman for making this film so wonderful. I think the second-best line in the film is 'painkiller hai, chewing gum nahi."

King Khan wrapped up the PC by striking his famous trademark pose.