Director Koratala Siva's "Srimanthudu" starring Mahesh Babu and Shruti Haasan in the leads, has released in theatres on 7 August and garnered rave reviews from the film critics.

"Srimanthudu" is a decent family drama film that is high on sentiments and action. Written by "Mirchi" fame Koratala Siva, the movie has an interesting story that has not been explored in Tollywood and it is has also got a good message with entertainment for the audience, according to the critics.

But the slow-paced narration and some predictable scenes have upset the critics. "Srimanthudu" has several talented artistes in its supporting cast, but the director has failed to give them enough screen presence, which is another disappointment for the critics, who have rated the movie an average of 3.57 out of 5 stars. Continue to read "Srimanthudu" review roundup

Ibtimes India Ratings: 4

"Srimanthudu" is a wonderful family drama laced with high sentiment and action quotient. Despite having some predictable scenes and dragging narration, Koratala Siva manages to hold your attention for 2.45 hours. The movie will impress both class and mass audience. It is a must watch for the fans of Mahesh Babu.

IdleBrain Raings: 3.75

First half of the film is has class and romance with a superb interval block. Second half has nice emotions and action sequences. Plus points of the film are good storyline, Mahesh Babu's performance, good emotions and right direction. On the flip side, the second half is little too lengthy. Srimanthudu is a perfect example of what happens when a huge star like Mahesh Babu opts for a content based film without going for beaten-to-death-entertainment-based movies. Srimanthudu will be a feather in Mahesh Babu's cap and will be a big blockbuster as well. Go and watch it!!

123Telugu Ratings: 3.75

Srimanthudu is a stunning emotional family drama which will hit the right chords with one and all. Mahesh Babu's career best performance and a novel concept are huge assets. Barring the slightly predictable nature of the film, Mahesh's fans can rejoice as their superstar makes a comeback with a vengeance and thoroughly entertains from the word go. Finally, a simple, clean and meaningful family entertainer which is set to rule the box office in the coming weeks. A Must Watch.

AP Herald Ratings: 3.50

Director Koratala Siva's Srimanthudu has every ingredient that you ask for from a commercial entertainer. From action, romance, humour, melodrama, songs, dance moves to emotional sentiments, there is a bit of it all to make things sufficiently spicy. But only if you go for the film without much expectation, Srimanthudu may turn out to be a watchable fare at best. The film's real trump card, is Mahesh Babu who has given a tremendous performance in the lead role. But the directorial lag is evident in many scenes even though Koratala Siva just manages to make them engrossing. On the whole, Srimanthudu will surely be a treat for the actor's fans despite being tagged as a social themed film, the movie has some good emotional sequences which will touch fans hearts.

Bollywood Life Ratings: 2.5

Mahesh Babu tries his best and acts his heart out but it is still not enough to make us forget the dragging second half. Having said that, Srimanthudu is not a bad film. It is just a good film which lost its way in the middle. Watch it for some kickass action and MaheshBabu-Shruti Haasan's adorable romance.!

Gulte Ratings: 3.75

Mahesh Babu's majestic performance and the dialogues will keep you hooked until the end. Runtime could have been trimmed a bit, especially during the climax part. Srimanthudu may not appeal to the mindless entertainment seekers. It is a perfect blend of commercial elements and meaningful content. Srimanthudu will not only please Mahesh fans but also win the hearts of movie lovers. We can expect this film to conquer the box office as well.

Great Andhra Rating: 3.25

Mahesh Babu's class performance, Shruti's charm, good message, right mix of mass and class elements make the movie a good commercial entertainer. All in all, Srimanthudu is the movie where content and commercial elements have blended well.