Director Koratala Siva's much-talked-about Telugu movie "Srimanthudu" starring superstar Mahesh Babu and Shruti Hassan in the leads, has got positive reviews from audience around the world.

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Written by Koratala Siva, "Srimanthudu" is about a millionaire, who carves a niche for himself, instead of following his father's footstep. The movie offers a message - giving back to the society. The director has nicely blended an interesting concept with commercial elements like romance, action, comedy, sentiments and others.

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The audiences, who watched the "Srimanthudu", say that the first half is engaging with few romantic scene, songs and some good visuals. A sentimental twist at Interval sets a moment for the main story, which is well narrated in the second half in which fights, songs, love and sentimental scenes entertain the viewers.

Mahesh Babu's performance is the main highlight of "Srimanthudu". Koratala Siva's engaging screenplay and punch dialogues, Devi Sri Prasad's soundtracks and background score, R Madhi's cinematography, amazing choreography of action and dance scenes and beautiful art direction are other attractions of the film. The predictable plot and slow-paced narration are two big drawbacks of the movie, add the viewers.

We bring you the viewers' verdict on the movie shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of "Srimanthudu" movie review by audience.

idlebrain jeevi ‏@idlebrainjeevi

#Srimanthudu interval now. Perfect blend. Superb first half. Very interesting narration. Mahesh rocks! Mahesh interval fight t shirt in srimanthudu. Same design with different color. I wore same shirt for premiere too Mahesh babu t shirts are bought in jack and Jones. I also own another t short wore by mahesh that has Red Wood on it. #Srimanthudu - content meets commerce. A good film and a blockbuster! Mahesh Babu strikes again, this time with a purpose! Mahesh Babu has given an outstanding performance in preclimax. Koratala siva has stuck with the content without deviation.

ChristopherKanagaraj ‏@Chrissuccess

#Srimanthudu 1st hlf over!Good, Magesh Babu as usual superb, romantic scenes and 2 action seq r nice, superb music and songs Wtg for 2nd hlf #Srimanthudu A clean family entertainer! 2nd hlf screenplay is slow, emotional scenes r gud, tat folk song is unwanted! Climax fyt is ok nly

KOTI ‏@koti_deva

Simple , stylish , Ubercool & top of it Babu is flawless .. Loved it . First half done #Srimanthudu .. Waiting for second half !! This is best after #Athadu for mahesh . Adiripoyaadu.Simple,Stylish & Settled performance,Didn't expected this. #Srimanthudu sudden surprise

Box Office 24x7 ‏@BOReports24x7

#Srimanthudu - 3.25/5 @urstrulyMahesh was awsm, @shrutihaasan was gud & @ThisIsDSP was terrific! Screenplay was predictable @MythriOfficial So overall its a paisa vasool entertainr frm @urstrulyMahesh & his fans ll celebrate it in thr style! @MythriOfficial Highlights of #Srimanthudu : Dialogues uttered by #SuperStar @urstrulyMahesh & awsme stunts (especially the Black T-shirt stunt)& #BGM too! Setbacks of #Srimanthudu : Somewhat dragging screenplay in the 2nd half & predictable climax!!

The Protagonist ‏@arvinfido

#Srimanthudu 1st Half:Neat & stylish screenplay with some poetic visuals b/w Superstar & Sruthi ..Gives a good lead to 2nd Half! Worth It! Its almost half hour into second half..Started well and then some drags now..Mixed I would say!! Hope it takes off from here #Srimanthudu A good lead to Climax!! Here we go... #Srimanthudu 1st Half: Will be loved by all 2nd Half: Will be loved by @urstrulyMahesh Fans Verdict: 3/5 Oneman Show by Superstar!!! +ve's *@urstrulyMahesh witty dialogues,style *@shrutihaasan *Story,Music,Visuals -ve's *DraggyScreenplay,PredictableClimax #Srimanthudu

Justme ‏@swathirajp

#Srimanthudu! Perfect blend of class and mass elements! @urstrulyMahesh- proves once again, he is the BEST actor in Telugu film industry! #Srimanthudu! THANK YOU @sivakoratala! Very engaging, sensible& and refreshing narration! You showed us what a well read director can do!

Man of Justice ‏@SuperGops

Done with #Srimanthudu Neither great nor bad. Will do decent business but leaves you short of expectations 3.25/5 Full details after lunch What works is a fresh storyline. What doesn't work are disconnected narration(1st half), sloppy finish and editing(too long) #Srimanthudu There is excessive emotion at times too. But all flaws aside #Srimanthudu can be a alright one time watch for family audience largely. It's pretty evident that now family audience are the unanimous target for filmmakers. Safe investment #Srimanthudu

Manjunath ‏@manjumeets

kirack performance @urstrulymahesh proud to be a fan of U.#maheshmania @MaheshBabu_FC superb songs,superb background for #srimanthudu @ThisIsDSP at your best.thnk U anna

M Rama M Reddy ‏@mallemala12

#Srimanthudu #Family Entertainment Movie with good masala @urstrulyMahesh @sivakoratala Nice Picture for all Sections, Super HIT **** 4/5 #Srimanthudu #2015 Family's Entertainment Good movie @urstrulyMahesh Very Smart boy with impressive action @sivakoratala nice Picture team

PradeepReddy ‏@always4ntr

1st half strictly avg #srimanthudu #srimanthudu avg-above avg but mahesh performance top notch,3songs,bgm gud

Roshan ‏@IPrinceRoshan

Thanku @sivakoratala @urstrulyMahesh @shrutihaasan #srimanthudu made my day!it just connected so easily to my heart!Thanks 4 such a movie! #BestWishesSrimanthudu Watched #srimanthudu ,just loved it and nothing more!I wish the team a huge success. Terrific performances by all!!!!

Rαnjíth símhα ‏@_Bujji_

Only one word... Superb movie... @urstrulyMahesh @sivakoratala @MythriOfficial Maa oorelli ravali okasari anipinchindi #Srimanthudu chusaka Superb performance by mahesh & JB. Awesome picturization.superb screenplay.Touching story. Excellent direction. #Srimanthudu a Block buster.

Rajasekhar Dodda ‏@RajasekharDodda

#Srimanthudu just now watched benifit show!!! Its a complete family entertainer!!!mahesh performance rocks...congrats to whole team!!!

Ashok kumar ‏@G_Ashok_kumar

#SRIMANTHUDU A excellent movie with full of emotions, Thanks @sivakoratala for giving us a hit, kudos to whole team. Time for celebrations

Akkineni Forever ‏@SubbarajuSiva

Good film, Mahesh Performance,Sruthi,DSP,Dop, every department done well. @sivakoratala Plan a film with Chay Congrats #Srimanthudu

♫CHANDU ♪ ‏@channdu

Interval.. It's Interesting.. Family, it's for you.. #Srimanthudu Routine mass masala & sollu comedy ki dooranga chala pleasant ga veltundi movie.. Idi kada manaki kavalsina emotion..! #Srimanthudu Done.. #Srimanthudu is a pure class entertainer blended with all emotions in a perfect manner. ఊరంటే ఇష్టం ఉన్న ప్రతీ ఒక్కరికీ నచ్చే (1/2) movie.. go & watch with your family .. ఇంకో show కి time అయింది .. (2/2)


My rating for #Srimanthudu 3.25 . Decent message oriented movie. Weak climax. Action sequences are highlight for this movie. Watch it for superstar .... You will not get disappointed

Vinay ‏@vinay_a9

#Srimanthudu Apart from Climax its good..Elevation scenes superbbbb.. Subbaraju character resembles pawankalyan #Srimanthudu Mahesh did good job..shruti ok..koratala siva matter undi director lo...Music and bgm letdown..except jaago &rama rama #Srimanthudu except Climax 2 nd half superbbbb..@sivakoratala kummaru...Mahesh Babu steps .... No comments

Poorna Pradeep ‏@PoornaPradeep1

Proud to be #SuperStar @urstrulyMahesh Fan... Content+Action+Emotion = BLOCK BUSTER #Srimanthudu 2nd half motham whistles.

Anil Kumar Gidla ‏@AnilGidla

Superb script and best performance by @urstrulyMahesh #Srimanthudu I enjoyed it... I loved it.... & the direction by @sivakoratala ur awesm

Narayanan ‏@narayananrl

#Srimanthudu 1st half avg.@urstrulyMahesh rocks with diff role and attitude.@ThisIsDSP BGM http://terrific.Movie picks up before interval

Team S.S.R|Baahubali ‏@TeamRajamouli

Watched #Srimanthudu @sivakoratala garu ur done excellent work.Excellent visuals #MaheshBabu Career Finest Performance ExSpecially In Climax

Sharath Chandra ‏@SharathAnkaraju

Just saw #Srimanthudu. Loved it. Second half is superb. A definite blockbuster.

Avad's ‏@avadsays

Done watching #Srimanthudu. . Out and out Mahesh show... Emotional drama which Wil hit the right chords

KarmaYogi_Kalam ‏@SasibabuT

1st half very good . This movie has soul #srimanthudu . has some dragging moments but good story and characterization Mahesh looking extraordinary . Babu thera meedha vunnanthasepu thera veligipothondhi . Em glamour ra babu #Srimanthudu

Pawan Kalyan ‏@iTarunTweets

Done with #Srimanthudu Avg 1st half Ok 2nd half ... Overall Just Parledu anipinchindi #Srimanthudu 1st half is Elegant! @urstrulyMahesh simple yet stylish oneliners,action,fights r must watch. Story driven family entertainer! It begins with "Vellandarni dattatha Teeskuntna" Superstar @urstrulyMahesh rocks! Powerful action seq.Stylish takin,choreography

Nobetterid ‏@nobetterid

#Srimanthudu first half done. Interval bang is good. A slow but solid first half. The love track between the lead pair is nice. #Srimanthudu movie done. Definitely a stronger second half. Dimmathirige song lo @urstrulyMahesh adurs. Climax was short and to the point.

Sriram Varma ‏@sriramForU

1st half parledu.... 2nd half baledu.... Better than previous two Blockbusters.... #Srimanthudu Koratala Siva completely failed, Mahesh did his best, DSP not much, no other characters impressive.. eliminate EROS from TFI #Srimanthudu

Survi ‏@PavanSurvi

First hour, @urstrulyMahesh steals the show with his charm......BUT content wise nothing great or exceptional till now. #Srimanthudu


#Srimanthudu ..1st half is good but went on slow..Mahesh is exceptionally good and bgm by dsp is superb..Siva gari konni scenes baga rasaru Tym for 2nd half..Main story loki enter Mahesh Nd sampath dialogues and Ooru dathatha teskune scene #Srimanthudu #Srimanthudu .. Its a HIT and Mahesh is back ...2nd half is heart... Siva gari work ki mechukovali.. DSP did a superb job... Go and watch it Screenplay slow ga undi adokate drawback..but the scenes are well parledu..manchi ga chuseyachu

H12 ‏@Harrish12

First half OK with 3, 4 scenes #srimanthudu minister & love episode were good. #Sreemanthudu commrcial film with message oriented...drag scenes in 2nd half made blockbuster into just hit film. Nice film by SivaKoratala.

Sunil Kalyan ‏@sunilguts

Intro followed by ramarama. #Srimanthudu Mahesh is looking so young First half average

The Tollywood Movie ‏@dtollywoodmovie

#Srimanthudu 1st half done.slow movie.few boring scenes.raii raii songs n few scenes r gud.Remaining gurinchi matladithe laavu ayipotam bgm by @ThisIsDSP just ok.

CB ‏@cinema_babu

Jatha Kalise song Mukesh Rushi Confrontation scene Continuation fight Interval fight 1st half Highlights Overall passable #Srimanthudu

#Srimanthudu ✨ ‏@keshavchowdary

First half done!!! Ryeee ryeeeee... Babu performance peakssss antheee #Srimanthudu ONE MAN SHOW!!!

saideep nakka ‏@Saideepthehunk

First half done. Fights are excellent. Interval is interesting. #Srimanthudu

Cheruku Raja ‏@cherukuraja

#Srimanthudu 1st half is classy,credit goes to @sivakoratala ,fantastic background frm @ThisIsDSP @urstrulyMahesh is ultimate,feast 4 fans.

Aditya #MAHESH #MSD ‏@adityagaru

#Srimanthudu 1st Half Outstanding Blockbuster For Sure Thank you Koratala Siva Garu Interval Fight Is Excellent Mahesh-Sruthi Chemistry Came Really Very Well

Sateesh Botta ‏@bkrsatish

#Srimanthudu jatha kalise song picturization is excellent. #Mahesh tana age ki 20 years Chinna ga unnadu adiripoyadu costumes styling super #Srimanthudu minister to scene rachalu #Mahesh 1st half #Srimanthudu slow ga unna bagane undi.#Mahesh one man show be it costumes,styling,performance,attitude everything.

vj1909 ‏@vj1909

#Srimanthudu pretty average until now.. #Srimanthudu Interval,Mahesh super, fights and songs good, rest all average. #Srimanthudu first half average,second half very good, overall hit movie & boxoffice wise 55+ crores, mahesh,shruthi & jagapatibabu super..

Vihari ‏@Vihu818

Very Well Picturized RamaRama Song Visual Treat #Srina Engagement scene Mahesh Nailed it Koratala .#Srimanthudu Mahesh Sruthihasan Track Superb Marriage Fi8 Fan's Will Go Crazy Superb UptoNow Good first half Families Egabadtharu Super Class Taking Mahesh Sruthi Track Mathram Chala Baga Rasadu. Koratala Director To Standout Jagore Song Goosebumps Maheshbabu OneMan Show elevation scenes Pekaadesadu DSP Rr Kortala Taking Mahesh Acting Sruthi Glamour Its A Package Mahesh Fans Start Celbeations #Srimanthudu Superhit

DP ‏@deepakposa

Avg 1st half, better 2nd half made #Srimanthudu movie is watch-able one +ve - MB, subtle dialogues and fights -ve - pre-climax & songs

Laddu... ‏@Sarada_Bullodu

#Srimanthudu terrific,,purely content based not on fight kummindi,mahesh played a spectacular role

Virat Kohli ‏@imVkohl1

Nicely choreographed - RAMA RAMA #Srimanthudu So far gud #srimanthudu Cool 1st half

Sandeep Aatreya ‏@SandeepAatreya

#MaheshBabu entry is terrific...Rama Rama song... #Srimanthudu

Srikanth ‏@NiknamePandu

#Srimanthudu done vth first half ... Was superb #Mahesh totally new look.. Looking handsome amayilaki eye feast #Srimanthudu @urstrulyMahesh @MythriOfficial

Srikanth Reddy.A ‏@srikanth2828

#Srimanthudu Minister warring scene superb Marriage fight amazing #Srimanthudu Good first half class + mass with values Plus -Mahesh, Love Track, 3 elevation scenes 2nd half started Ali entered hilarious entry

Sai-Ramcharan ‏@sai2vts

Dsp in action from titles itself So far slow ga undi but okay srimanthudu Koratala on duty mukesh rushi tho scene kumindi..dlgs super Marriage fi8 scene super..koratalas elevation peaks #srimanthudu

Raghava ‏@Rags_aCreator

Mahesh Babu - @shrutihaasan Pair kekaaaa.. college episode and Jata kalise song picturized so beautiful and Cute