Sridevi dies at 54
Sridevi STR/AFP/Getty Images

Sridevi's sister Srilatha was planning to reveal some critical details about the actress' death, according to earlier reports. But for some unknown reasons, she chose to remain mum even after 15 days of her sister's demise.

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However, reports quoting a source said that Srilatha was asked to remain tight-lipped and out of the picture.

The report also suggested that the Kapoor family will be transferring the possession of Sridevi's Chennai house to Srilatha. 

However, the recent revelation has only given rise to many more questions. 

A Twitter user, apparently an ardent fan of Sridevi, said that Srilatha may not open up because she knows all about Sridevi's death.

And another user commented,

Some other smelled something fishy about Srilatha's actual intentions.

Recently, Sridevi's uncle Venugopal Reddy also opened up about the differences between Sridevi and her sister and their relationship. 

"When her mother was operated on in the US, the doctors performed the surgery on the wrong side of her brain because of which she was totally bedridden. She was alive but not in her senses. She had become just an object," Reddy told a Telugu television channel. 

He added, "After the family got to know about the surgery, they filed a case against the hospital and Boney Kapoor was along with Sridevi during this process. And court penalized the hospital, and sisters, Sridevi and Srilatha had a few differences in the allocation of that amount which was later cleared by the family members. And besides a share in this compensation, Sridevi used to send a lot of money to her sister Srilatha and they were fine."