Initial rumors of botox and plastic surgeries leading to Sridevi's death have apparently triggered a panic among people who have used or want to use such cosmetic measures.

Ever since the death of Sridevi, many people have apparently been calling cosmetic dermatologists and dieticians asking them if the use of botox or undergoing plastic surgeries could cause death.

"We have been getting curious and concerned calls about whether surgeries or botox were a reason for Sridevi's death and how risky these procedures are," Chytra V Anand, a cosmetic dermatologist at Kosmoderma Skin and Hair Clinics, told Deccan Chronicle.

Bollywood star Sridevi checks her make-up during the making of a television serial "Malini Iyer", in Bombay January 15, 2004.Reuters

"There have been no cancellations on procedures, but we have got anxious calls. I have been allaying their fears as non-surgical procedures cannot kill you. Only those who opt for repeated mega liposuction, that too at irregular intervals, could face complications," she added.

Another expert in the field of botox also confirmed that phone calls were received expressing concern after Sridevi's death.

"We have been getting calls about Botulinum toxicity (BTX) which is found in Botox, not just from India but also abroad. The issue has given rise to concern, but since we deal with passive weight loss programmes and do not propagate the use of slimming pills, we haven't got any calls along those lines," Ruby Sachdev, head of esthetics at VLCC Karnataka, told the publication.

Although forensic report had confirmed that Sridevi died due to accidental drowning, a lot was talked about her rumoured plastic surgeries and use of botox being the reason for her death. The initial reports had also stated that the actress died due to cardiac arrest. 

A social media post had also gone viral that blamed Sridevi's plastic surgeries, and the never-ending desire to look young as the cause of her death.