Ram Gopal Varma had once told that Boney Kapoor's mother portrayed Sridevi as a home breaker and publically punched her in the stomach for what she did to his first wife Mona

It is known that Ram Gopal Varma is a huge admirer of the beauty of late actress Sridevi and he had openly announced it. He was one of the saddest people when she died of accidental drowning in the bathtub in a Dubai Hotel Room. The shattered filmmaker, who had worked with her in posted a letter on his Facebook page titled "My Love Letter To Sridevi's Fans."


All her fans knew that Sridevi was the most beautiful and desirable woman ever. But in the letter, Ram Gopal Varma has a record of some sad incident in her life. He had written, "YES like millions of you,I too believed that she was the most beautiful and desirable woman ever and we all know that she was the biggest superstar of the country and ruled the silver screen as the main heroine for more than 20 years

Before narrating the saddest part of Sridevi, Ram Gopal Varma had added, "But that's just a part of the story. However shocked and sad I feel about Sridevi's death, it's finally once again a rude reminder about how unpredictable, cruel, fragile and mysterious that both life and death are."

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In the letter, RGV revealed that Sridevi was getting paid in mostly black money and due to fear of tax raids. Her father trusted friends and relatives, who betrayed her after his death. Her mother made many wrong investments in litigated properties and all those mistakes made her penny less. Her sister Srilatha claimed that her mother was insane and was not in her senses when she signed the will.

The mistakes committed by Sridevi's mother made her almost penny less by the time Boney Kapoor came into her life. Boney's mother portrayed her as a home breaker and publically punched her in the stomach in a five-star hotel lobby for what she did to Boney's first wife Mona. These ugly turns and twists in her private life left deep scars in the super star's sensitive mind and thereafter she was never at peace.