Sridevi on rumours of affair with Jeetendra
Sridevi on rumours of affair with Jeetendra.YouTube screenshot

During the peak of her career, Sridevi was linked-up with several big stars including Jeetendra. She had worked with Jeetendra in a number of hit movies like Himmatwala, Jaani Dost, Justice Chaudhury, Tohfa among others.

There were strong rumours that Sridevi had an affair with the actor, and even she was aware of the gossip. In an throwback interview, the late actress had spoken extensively on the alleged affair.

Sridevi had not only denied the rumours, she had also expressed how such baseless gossips used to affect her family.

"He is such a nice man, I can never forget how helpful he was on my first day of shooting. I was extremely nervous since Hindi was a new language for me, and my first Hindi film Solva Sawan, hadn't done well. But Jeetu gave me all the moral support and confidence I needed. He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable by explaining the dialogues to me, and his kind and helpful nature really appealed to me," Sridevi had said in the interview.

Opening up about rumours of she and Jeetendra staying together during the shoot of a film, she had said, "Never! Honestly, till this day, I have never been to Jeetu's hotel room, nor has he ever come home. I know people have been saying a lot of bad things, but this is the truth".

"I am an innocent girl. I'm not a fool, but I am not a calculative person either. And I am certainly not a man-eater," she had added.

The iconic actress had said that such gossips would bother her family, but since they had met Jeetendra, they know there is no truth to such rumours.

"It's not new to me. I'm used to and prepared for things like this. My parents, though conservative, know what this industry is all about. Besides, they have met Jeetu a couple of times and find him a very decent man," Sridevi had told the publication.

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor's first picture together
Sridevi and Boney Kapoor's first picture together.PR Handout

She had further said that she would not marry a married man, or become someone's second wife. "It's a wrong belief that second wives are a common feature in the South. Even here, it's a big thing to marry a married man or have a second wife. Everyone gossips about it. People are more conservative in the South than in Bombay," she had concluded.

However, later Sridevi had tied the knot with Boney Kapoor, who was first married to Mona Shourie Kapoor.