Rani Mukerji cancelled birthday celebration due to Sridevi's death
Rani Mukerji cancelled birthday celebration due to Sridevi's death.Instagram Fan page

Sridevi's death has left everyone shocked and sad, including several celebrities who have canceled their personal events to pay their last respect to the veteran actress. Rani Mukerji has also canceled her upcoming birthday celebrations. The Hichki actress said that she was extremely close to Sridevi, and she is too hurt to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Talking to Filmfare, Rani said that she will not celebrate her birthday, which is on March 21. "I'm just been hurt by what has happened with my favourite. I don't think I will be able to celebrate this year. Too many losses that I have dealt with this time," she told the magazine.

Rani also said that after her father, it was Sridevi with whom she was very close, and she is deeply hurt to have lost both of them. The actress stated that she was supposed to show Hichki to Sridevi after she would return to India from Dubai.

"I was very close to her personally. In fact, before she went to Dubai, she told me that she wants to see Hichki and I told her that aap shaadi-vaadi karke aa jao. Phir main aapko Hichki dikhaati hoon. Hichki abhi taiyaar ho rahi hai (You finish off the wedding ceremony and come back. I will show you Hichki when it is ready)," she added.

"I feel extremely sad that two people who loved me immensely, my dad and Sriji. I had thought they would have seen Hichki and I would have got very genuine and very good reaction from them. Both of them are no more in my life. It's a huge loss for me personally," Rani said.

Sridevi died due to accidental drowning after she fell inside a bathtub the hotel in Dubai. She was survived by husband Boney Kapoor, and two daughters - Janhvi and Khushi. Sridevi's funeral took place at Mumbai on Wednesday afternoon.