Sridevi and Hema MaliniSTR/AFP/Getty Images

Sridevi is no more. The actress passed away on February 24. Hema Malini, who attended Sridevi's prayer meet, tweeted about her feelings when she saw Sridevi for one last time.

She wrote: "Paid my last respects to Sridevi. The entire industry was there grieving, some on the verge of breakdown. Such was her aura & magic in films. She lay there, beautiful in a red saree, serene in death & totally at peace. [sic.]

She also wrote: "Arrangements were so well made that the whole atmosphere was tranquil, everything was smooth & executed with finesse - befitting the departed soul. Goodbye dear friend!"

Abhishek Bachchan, who too paid his last respects, wrote: "With a heavy heart.... The show must go on!"

Sushmita Sen wrote: "Rows & rows of people standing in queues for hours, some with flowers, others with pictures, it was overwhelming to see d love & respect for Ma'am Sridevi both richly deserved & generously showered! A celebrated life indeed"

Hema Malini, like many others, was shocked when she learned that Sridevi was no more. She told reporters: "I value her for her sanskars as in spite of achieving the highest position of 'superstar' in Bollywood, she never compromised with the south Indian sanskars inculcated in her."

Hema Malini also condemned the sensational coverage of her death and said: "The whole film industry is trying to come to terms with this tragedy. We have lost a wonderful member whose life has been dedicated to the entertainment field for so many decades. It is only right that we are allowed to grieve in peace."