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Sri Reddy's strip-protest against the alleged sexual exploitation in the Telugu film industry and discrimination against local talents has elicited mixed response from the netizens. While many hailed the intention behind it, the mode of protest has not go down well with most of them.

Sri Reddy took an extreme step to draw the attention of the media and public Saturday by stripping in public. She undressed in front of TV cameras to protest against what she called a discrimination against Telugu actresses in Telugu film industry. The Tollywood is welcoming Mumbai-based actresses without giving chance to local talents. 

"You pay them in crores. We don't expect so much from you. Please give us work and pay in lakhs," she plead. She also alleged that casting couch was prevalent in the industry and revealed that many filmmakers had asked her to send nude photos and videos as a precondition to give roles in their movies.

"They see the videos and give no roles. They have even asked for live nude videos from me. That is the extend to which they go to take advantage of women who seek roles," the Times of India quoted her as saying.

She is also upset for not getting membership in the Movies Artiste Association despite acting in three movies.

The actress' protest has met with mixed reviews. Some rolled her asking her to go nude next time, while another section called her the 'Poonam Pandey of Telugu'. Interestingly, many are angry against the television channels for covering the stripping protest live and recording it instead of trying to stop her from going topless in public.

Here, we bring you selected responses posted on Twitter:

Proud Purian
Only wish i was there to give a tight slipper slap to all those people over there who are just enjoying what was happening & especially the freaking media who are the real cause for what has happened with #SriReddy today,i surely would have slapped,beaten them for sure!
More than anything i was so much shocked to see not a single person around there, not even any women tried to stop #SriReddy from what she was doing, instead of staring at her body & b**b & busy recording it in their mobiles!!!Where in the world are we living?? Shame on everyone!
Shame on this media & news channels for their gimcrack & for the cheap standards to which they pull down themselves just for sensation,TRP! Shocked & saddened to see those media guys encouraging #SriReddy to get nude & they were shooting it,instead of stopping her! #UtterShame

Priyanka: #SriReddy is turning out to be #PoonamPandey of Telugu films

Actress Fantasy
#SriReddy please solve her issue so that we can see more nude protests to solve each and every issue ‍♂️

‏Every industry has it. But only film industry is highlighted to gain attention and trps. If #SriReddy s allegations are true, she would have produced the evidences in the media itself. Looks like telugu poonam pandey just trying to gain attention.

There is a Way to #Protest
There is a Way to #Fight
Already we are in a F**cking World where everything is made Sensational by #Media
#SriReddy u stoop so Low that ur Argument lost its Worth
So #Disgraceful .. come up with #Proofs #Srireddy .. Not everything u speak can't be #True ... plz don't Sensationalise the most Important #Issue of #WomenHarrasement
We Love to Support your #Fight if it's fought in Right Way.. this is not the Way..

Dheeraj Babu
It's a fair job to use Nudity for grabbing attention, but #SriReddy using her Half Naked Body just for the sake Membership in Maa Association & Offers is Films is the Worst thing

@BDUTT @sardesairajdeep #SriReddy @RaoKavitha an actress protests half-naked in #Hyderabad allegedly being denied membership in Telugu movie artists association.
She is fighting 4m 1 month but no one pays heed..@LakshmiManchu is vice president of movie artists association
#SriReddy should get an opportunity to be heard.. she should be addressed and acknowledged.. she is nt fighting just for her she is bringing up a big topic which evry1 is scared to talk frm industry @LakshmiManchu @SureshProdns @PMOIndia @TelanganaCMO @KTRTRS #tfi

PardhaSarathy M
Why does #SriReddy care when Telugu Girls are not acting in movies. What is wrong if we get actresses from other languages? #TFI please avoid #SriReddy

‏#SriReddy am a normal cinegoer and a common man n when I feel so worried about her doing all this stuff n she z raising her voice since a month and bloody no one 4m TFI opens their mouth.. they've proved TV5 anchors comment @LakshmiManchu @VyjayanthiFilms @TheDeverakonda #shame

#srireddy #supportsrireddy u r real life unsung hero so far.Don't lose patience n unite all http://options.Movie chances r jus byproduct

Mana state media ela ayidhante oka ammayi undresing chestuntey velli coverage ichi highli8 chestaru.adhey oka athanu tana rastra prajala bagukosam paadhayatra chestuntey atleast oka chanel ayna respond ayindha?idhi mana dhusthithi #srireddy #PawanKalyan #pspk #JanaSenaPaadayatra