Sreesanth with wife Bhuvneshwari and daughter
Sreesanth with wife Bhuvneshwari and daughterFacebook

Sreesanth's wife Bhuvneshwari has opened up about his inmate Surabhi Rana's antics inside the Bigg Boss 12 house and called her the filthiest woman. But she claims that she likes and respects Dipika Kakkar.

Surabhi's bad behavior and fight with Sreesanth has been creating ripples on social media and many people are empathizing with him. Responding to a post, Sree's wife Bhuvneshwari, who joined Twitter in October, blasted Surabhi for her stint inside the house and said that she is a disgrace to woman community.

Talking about Surabhi Rana's behavior, Bhuvneshwari Sreesanth tweeted, "I have never hated anyone one as much as I hate this Women who's a disgrace to all the the women #SurabhiRana.. you r the most filthiest women anyone can ever come across... this ones for you #Sreesanth #SreeFam (sic)."

After the fight, Dipika Kakkar made Sreesanth apologize to Surbhi and this did not go down well with many viewers, who condemned Dipika for her act. Bhuvneshwari also expressed her displeasure as she tweeted, "Even I didn't like deepika telling Sree to apologise as he has already done whereas this woman who has said worst still isn't guilty and haven't apologised yet."

However, some viewers objected Sreesanth's wife targeting Dipika. Responding to them Bhuvneshwari Sreesanth wrote, "I really like deepika and I respect her. Pls don't misunderstand. I said I didn't like her telling sree to say sorry because he has already said sorry where the other person is more worng. By apologising to tht foul mouth girl again. It will only give her upper hand encourage her (sic)"

Many people including Bigg Boss ex-contestant Kamya Punjabi condemned Surabhi for her behavior towards Sreesanth. Kamya tweeted, "Surbhi knew dat sree will get angry n say sumthing dat he shud not say n dat is y she crossed all her limits 2 achieve wat she wanted! Wat sree said was also not right but surbhi ko bura kyu laga? Why all the water works then? Bhai itna doge, kuch toh waapas milega na #bb12"

Sikandar‏ @samsikandar

Stay strong - sree is playing very well . Ignore fools like #SurabhiRana. She doesn't make any sense to anyone. Can't play victim card always. I feel ecstatic by watching sree game. I hope he doesn't hurt himself by this. Love from California. Take care #bhuvaneshwari

MonicaTeam Sreesanth‏ @Sanskarimonica

Same here ma'am. I just want to slap on her face very tightly. You don't worry ma'am. We #sreefam are enough for #Sreesanth anna.

Sayama‏ @SayamaAhad31

She called Sree a #casanova was this not a character Assassination It is not even shown in the episode

Himanshu Sharma‏ @mushy7568285464

Too became hero you needed good vilian too ....she done her job I am 100% sree will win ...

Vikash choubey‏ @vikashchoubey16

Its d strategy of #bb12 team to bring #sreebhai in the show and defame him.bigboss12 is only about #Sreesanth..Everybody wants to fight with #sree to get footage.. #shameonbb12 for supporting such mental character like surbhi rana. @BiggBoss @ColorsTV #EvictSurbhiRana #sreefam

Yeshi Dolma‏ @yedol45

Don't worry ma'am. She will be served for what she has done. She cannot be happy and success in life for what she's doing and torturing other. #WeStandBySreesanth

Rajni Prashar‏ @prashar_rajni

I don't know why contestants forgot this thing that this is only a game show which is play till 3 months, then why this girl SURBI doing this?? Ek baar jo image ban jaye, toh change honey main bohat time lagta hai. May b ye Surbhi ko bahar aa kar realise hoga.

purnima‏ @purnimaadvani

Absolutely agreee with u she is a disgrace to all women. She is deliberately tryn to hurt feelings n to what extent. n yet no action has been taken against her till now. Sad to c d level of show fall so low to encourage a person lk surbhi or deepak to this extent.

Akila Silva‏ @AkilaSilva8

Yes maam.she will get her karma back immidiately.i hope sree sir never again help her from anyway. Please maam don't give a chance this surbi to meet our hero after the show. Love you from sri lanka.

Pratha Das‏ @PrathaDas

I can't see him cry like this.This is mental torture.That girl #surbhi purposefully provoke him bt he didn't react in a wrong way. But its ok.Time changes nd may justice prevail by the end of this biased season.#sree bhai stay strong nd brace urself for lifting the trophy.