Sreenivasan, casting couch, malayalam industry

Sreenivasan, the multi-talented personality in Mollywood has extended his helping hand to Dileep in the actress abduction case. In a recent interview given to Manorama News, Sreenivasan revealed that Dileep is not that kind of person who will get involved in such cases.

"Dileep came into the scene after one week of this incident. Until then, everything was revolving around Pulsar Suni. I believe things are fabricated. Many people claimed that Dileep gave more than Rs 1.5 crore to Pulsar Suni to commit the crime. As far as I know, Dileep is the kind of person who will not spend even 1.5 paise," said Sreenivasan during the interview, as translated from Malayalam.

Sreenivasan also revealed that he does not know why a group named Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) was formed. The veteran star added that he is not opening up about certain malpractices in the industry because everything should be talked within a boundary.

"In 100 metres men race, the world record is 9 seconds, but in women's race, it is more than 11 seconds. So, there is a difference between men and women. I am not trying to destroy any organization or group. I don't know what is the need for a group like WCC," added Sreenivasan.

Sreenivasan is now awaiting the release of his new movie 'Kutty Mama' where he is sharing space with his younger son Dhyan. The film is directed by VM Vinu, and the film will portray the story of a soldier who has never participated in any wars.

In a recent talk with the Times of India, VM Vinu revealed that the "movie is about a jawan, his life and certain incidents in the Kargil war that leaves a lasting impact on him. The story is told through humour and is a family entertainer. Sreenivasan plays the jawan called Shekharankutty but everyone in his family and those close to him call him Kutty Mama; hence the title".