Sreemukhi and Rahul Sipligunj
Sreemukhi and Rahul SipligunjTwitter

Sreemukhi asked Rahul Sipligunj not to touch her when he tried to grab the dragon egg from her in Tuesday's episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Their fight has sparked a big debate between their fans on social media.

In Tuesday's episode, Big boss kick-started a new task in which three contestants had to grab three dragon eggs placed in the garden area. The three successful housemates will enjoy a special advantage in the upcoming captaincy task. As per the task named Nene Raju Nene Mantri, the housemates were divided into two kingdoms - Vikramapuri and Simhapuri, while Vithika, Rohini and Siva Jyothi grabbed the eggs first.

Vikramapuri with red flags was headed by Sreemukhi and Ali Reza, Ashu, Rahul and Mahesh were the members of the team. On the other hand, Himaja lead Simhapuri, which has blue flags and Ravikrishna, Baba Bhaskar, Punarnavi and Varun Sandesh were its members. Both the teams were to grab the eggs from the dragons and the dragons' responsibility was to safeguard their respective eggs.

The house witnessed a physical fight, as the contestants tried to snatch eggs from one another. During this process, Ashu complained that Rahul was favouring Vithika. When Rahul tried to grab the egg from Sreemukhi, the latter asked him not to touch her. The other contestants asked him to be fair. However, he successfully snatched the egg from her. After this, Ashu argued that Rahul was biased and favoured Vithika.

Rahul, Ravi and Ali were successful in possessing the dragon eggs at the end of the first level. The Big Boss revealed that they were promoted to the second level in the captaincy task.

However, Sreemukhi warns Rahul against touching her has sparked a big debate with the fans of both contestants getting into a heated argument on social media. Here is what they are saying about the scene.

Aruna vedula karra @Arunaved272

I didnt find anythng wrong when srimukhi shouted on rahul n asked not to touch...she was hurt coz even after choosng him in her team he betrayed her...he played the game differently wid navi n vithika..that was frustration speakng out loud..i support srimukhi #BiggBossTelugu3

Chalamayya @chalamayya4

#BiggBossTelugu3 #srimukhi said don't touch me to #rahul she would say anything to protect his egg all the other girls fight with legs she doesn't want to fight that's it she doesn't raise that he touched her after the game #rahul played for his ego group not for his team worst

Lakshmi Thirupathamma Karnati @Cinemaa_Pichi

#SriMukhi dongala task appudu kuda, in #Rahul presence.. Nannu evaraina touch chesthe nachadhu andhi.. Same malli adhe disclaimer #Rahul daggare use chesindhi. I think valliddari madhya issues valla thanu specific ga #Rahul ki mathram chepthundhanukunta #BiggBossTelugu3 Yes.. Even yesterday also, he could have taken egg from #Punarnavi but Ali suspects #Rahul and he took egg from her. Though he accepted in the beginning not to attack #SriMukhi he cheated her #BiggBossTelugu3

Namitha @rithika2016

See u feel sumone as ur frnd bt he starts targeting ur character & profession so defntly u dont like him anymore & vl nt b comfrtabl with him. Its gud she is saying it aloud than making it an issue after wards. Rahul lost al respect from srimukhi side so she is avoiding him.

Kausalarmy @kausalarmy

Why the fuck Srimukhi using woman card. Such a hypocrite, if she doesn't want Rahul to touch her body in the game she has to leave the show #BiggBossTelugu3

(`◕‿◕´) (`◕‿◕´) @proud_2beIndian

I dunno where Srimukhi had told Rahul not to touch her in the task. If she had said,then Rahul n SriMukhi both r wrong. Game is Game Rahul for showing partiality n dint want to touch Vithika n Punar but ok to touch others. SriMukhi for asking not to touch her. #BiggBossTelugu3

Social Comrade @Chaitan83060975

#BiggBossTelugu3 Rahul double standards game play cheyachu ade style lo Sree Mukhi game adithe end of the day Ekada Sree Mukhi ne thappu! Ame Mida antha hatred enti ra babu

Krishna @krishnas1433

Genuine unna vallandaru ardam aipothunaru. Ninna srimukhi chesina paniki, women card use chesinappudu against vellina andaru cool. But rahul ki negative ki velthunaru, kavalni... srimukhi army pani adi. #BiggBossTelugu3 #Bigboss3telugu #Bigboss3telugu

Vinod @devildevel

We all saw #Ashu tried to expose #rahul how he handle #sreemukhi to point at him why he did not do the same to #vithika. Can a chamcha do that? Cannot be. #BiggBossTelugu3

Unknown Author @writeurthought

#BiggBossTelugu3 Both #SriMukhi and #rahulsipligunj played the game well. The only difference is Sri wanted her team(Rahul, Ali) to win, Rahul wanted his opposite group to lose. #RaviKrishna papam trying to join PVR. Okasari backstabbing aithe gani sakkaga avvadu

Nandeeshwar @SNandeeshwar


Andaru Rahul mida edusthunaru vadi istam evari dagara egg tiskovalante Valla dagara tiskuntadu me g em nosthundi ah srimukhi falthu plans vesi evvo evvo personals mataldthundi game lo avvi kanipiyatledha