Former Splitsvilla contestant, Anmol Chaudhary has opened up about being an unmarried mother. One of the most popular and loved contestants, Anmol was not as active on social media as she earlier was. However, now, Chaudhary has revealed that it was due to all the fat-shaming that she had to face after putting on weight during pregnancy.

Anmol Chaudhary
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Anmol refused to divulge any details about the father of the baby but said that the two did try to co-parent but failed. Anmol revealed that she was in a relationship with her boyfriend and once she missed her period, she took a pregnancy test. The test came out to be positive and she decided to abort the baby. However, upon hearing the baby's heartbeat during an ultrasound, she chose to go ahead with it.

Chaudhary also added that even her parents didn't know about this. Though her sister decided to stick with her throughout the tough phase. Talking about her boyfriend, she said that he didn't want anything to do with the baby. She also added that after the child was born he tried to be there for her, but those were only words.

"My former lover was against it, but I was firm that I would go ahead with the pregnancy...I wanted to post pictures and tell the world that I am pregnant, but I didn't do that. Only a few friends of mine knew about it. Since I had gained a lot of weight due to the pregnancy, some people started fat shamming me. I wanted to tell the world why I had gained weight, but I couldn't," she revealed to a leading website.

"I understood that I was on my own and had to do things myself. Even though he said he wanted to help, I felt those were just words because he was scared that I might reveal his identity...I wanted the best for my baby and then we agreed to co-parent but we failed. But if he wants to connect with our son, I am fine with that. I don't have a problem," she added.