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The love triangle between Aahna, Piyush and Arshiya is slowly and steadily turning things ugly inside the villa. Aahna was quite disheartened when Piyush chose his love Arshiya over her to perform in Bae Watch Session leaving her in a miserable situation. As expected, in the dome session, Aahna questioned Piyush's intentions for the time they spent together when Arshiya was not around.

Aahna said that she really likes Piyush a lot but the latter's confession of love to Arshiya has shattered her heart into pieces. She also said that Piyush didn't make her feel even a bit that he was into Arshiya while he was getting close to her.

To this, Arshiya told Aahna that Piyush was just passing time with her and wasn't really involved into her. However, Piyush told Arshiya that he too likes Aahna but his first priority would always be Arshiya.

By this time, Aahna's eyes went damp and couldn't say anything more during that moment. She felt cheated by Piyush and even Sunny Leone asked Piyush that if he really loved Arshiya then why Aahna was in a position where she is feeling hurt.

Even Aahna's arch rivals Bhavya, Ashish and Meisha took her side and spoke against Piyush, Aahna still chose Piyush and saved him from the danger zone.

It remains to be seen how this love triangle would take its natural shape in the days to come on MTV Splitsvilla 12.