Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha, Splitsvilla
Sunny Leone, Rannvijay Singha, SplitsvillaTwitter

The current situation in Splitsvilla 12 is anything but normal these days. After Shrey and Priyamvada became an ideal match, Rannvijay asked the Chosen Ones, Ashish and Meisha, to replace one of the two ideal matches, Piyush-Aahna and Alfez-Aaradhna, with the new one. And it wasn't surprising when Ashish decided to dump Piyush and Aahna from the ideal match's seats.

And since Piyush and Aahna were once again in the unsafe zone thanks to Ashish and Meisha, a heated argument was followed in the dome and even Bhavya jumped into the fire pit. Meanwhile, Shrey and Priyamvada were seen strategising their moves to dethrone Ashish and Meisha from the Chosen Ones seats.

Everything was going fine until a scroll arrived in the villa which said that the Splitsvillans were in for surprise that came in the form of Arshiya entering into the villa as a wild-card entrant.

And the moment Piyush saw Arshiya from a distance, he ran towards her, gave each other a tight long hug and were inseparable as Aahna looked on. With Arshiya coming back as Piyush's lost and found connection, Aahna was clearly not happy with the situation. And much to Aahna's horror, Piyush chose to perform with Arshiya over her leaving her heartbroken.

However, there was a catch. Arshiya was already in the dumping zone and if anyone choses to perform with her, then he will land in the dumping zone instead. And as the Bae Watch Session ended, both Piyush and Arshiya including Aahna found themselves in the dumping zone.

It now remains to be seen who will stay and who will bid adieu to the villa. Stay tuned for the latest updates on MTV Splitsvilla 12.