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Splitsvilla 12MTV India

Love is in the air on Splitsvilla 12 ever since Rannvijay and Sunny Leone tried to dig out the true feelings of splitsvillans' heart by asking them to write the names of those who they feel are their ideal match. And last Friday's Bae Watch Session has brought the couples even more closer to each other thanks to dance performances which was meant to explore the chemistry and connection between the splitsvillans. But it looks like, things will soon turn ugly in today's dome session.

In tonight's episode of MTV Splitsvilla 12, it appears to be that Shrey and Priyamvada have become the fourth ideal match (apart from Piyush-Aahna, Ashish-Meira and Alfez-Aaradhna) by winning today's task. They can be seen sitting with the other ideal matches in the promos. And since the format allows only three ideal matches to be safe, the contestants might be in for shocking twist or elimination that will being havoc inside the villa.

Also, you can seen Shrey and Priyamvada complaining about one male contestant among Ankush, Bhavin, Sambhav and Loka making nasting comments about the girls in the villa. She says that she don't safe around him and even Hridiya joins her in the argument and says that she could never forgive him for what he said to her.

Rannvijay soon looses his cool and tells the contestant that Splitsvilla cannot have him on the show. Sunny Leone too blasts the contestant about his behaviour towards all the girls in the villa.

It now remains to be who they were talking about and whether the said contestant would thrown out of the villa tonight.