Ashish, Meisha
Splitsvilla 12 contestants Ashish, MeishaMTV India

Today was the final dome dession of MTV Splitsvilla 12 and the best one ever in the entire season. It was filled with lots of twists and surprises that hardly anyone could've thought about it. Without wasting anymore time, let us tell you what happened in today's shocking dome session.

In tonight's episode of Splitsvilla 12, Sambhav and Soundarya were pitted against Shrey and Priyamvada to grab a spot in the semi-finals. While Ashish supported Sambhav, Piyush went on to have Shrey's back in the physically challenging task. The two bitter enemies, Ashish and Piyush, once again got a chance to beat each other in the game.

Sambhav, Shrey
Sambhav and Shrey fight it out to be in the semi-finaleMTV India

And to everyone's surprise, it was Piyush's day to come out victorious against Ashish. Piyush's win gave an advantage to Shrey to have an extra shot to knock down Sambhav's hearts. Shrey succeeded in breaking Sambhav's heart by shooting a ball using a jumbo slingshot. As a result, Shrey and Priyamvada became the third couple to join Ashish-Meisha and Uday-Bhavya in the semi-finals.

Shrey, Priyamvada
Shrey, Priyamvada reach semi-finaleMTV India

Then came the dome session which rocked each and every Splitsvillain. The Chosen Ones Bhavya and Uday had a chance to dump one among the three couples - Piyush-Arshiya, Sambhav-Soundarya and Alfez-Aaradhna. And it was pretty evident that the Chosen Ones would dump Piyush and Arshiya which they did. But the shocking twist that came thereafter, left Bhavya and Uday with a sad face.

All the previously evicted Splitsvillains joined the last dome session of Splitsvilla 12. Rannvijay and Sunny Leone had given a special power to the former contestants whether to allow the Chosen Ones to exercise their dumping power. And since Bhavya had bad relationships with everyone, the villa decided not to allow them to use their powers.

Splitsvilla 12
Splitsvilla 12 contestantsMTV India

This prompted Rannvijay to give cue cards to all the Splistvillains except Chosen Ones and ideal matches to vote out one couple from today's dome session. And they voted out Sambhav and Soundarya. And now that Piyush-Arshiya and Alfez-Aaradhna were safe, they will now have to compete against each other to reach the semi-finale.

Sambhav, Soundarya
Sambhav, SoundaryaMTV India

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