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Splitsvilla 12MTV India

MTV Splitsvilla 12 has been turned into a battleground. On Friday's episode, things went berserk after Rannvijay and Sunny Leone involved the splitsvillans in a quirky Bae Watch Session task.

During the task, contestants were asked to pour a bucket of cow dung while answering particular questions about them. Things soon turned ugly when Bhavya and Arshiya got physical during the task. Arshiya pushed Bhavya and almost hit her in front of everyone which led Rannvijay and Sunny Leone to end the task then and there.

Later, the fight was taken inside the villa. As an upset Uday was arguing with Piyush over the latter threatening him of beating the hell out of him. Piyush's arch rival and enemy Ashish was standing by Uday's side and began supporting him.

Piyush couldn't tolerate Ashish interfering in their argument and things went out of hand when an angry Piyush uprooted a wooden pole and barged onto Ashish to hit him. Rannvijay had to intervene to calm down Piyush's anger and let peace prevail in the villa.

The next day on Splitsvilla 12, the Chosen Ones Ashish and Meisha decided to let Sambhav and Soundarya compete against Shrey and Priyamvada while Piyush and Arshiya went one on one against Loka and Hridiya in the Test Your Challenge.

Since Sambhav and Soundarya had gained an advantage in Bae Watch Session, they emerged victorious in the challenge while Loka and Hridiya managed to sweep away Piyush and Arshiya putting them in the danger zone for the next dome session.

And since Ashish and Meisha are on good terms with Shrey and Priyamvada and his enemies Piyush and Arshiya lying in the dumping zone, it remains to be seen whose journey they might put on end to.

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