Splatoon, the action shooter that lets players shoot ink, will be receiving a new Piranha Pit Map DLC on 29 December, 2015. Splatoon is a Wii U exclusive from Nintendo and the developer has announced it via official Twitter post.

The new DLC will add a new map to the game that will see the game's characters called 'Inklings' get a new map to unleash their mayhem by shooting ink on their enemies.

The game's main characters will be able to transform from human to squid forms. They are also able to swim via the ink of the same colour. The game features 4-on-4 online multiplayer and a single player campaign.

The game is a third-person shooter that has been one of the best-selling video games on Wii U with over 2.42 million copies being sold as of 30 September, 2015, reported GameSpot.

After its release on 29 May, 2015, Nintendo has supplied the game with new content and provided new game modes, weapons and multiplayer stages. The developer has also made numerous game updates.

The Piranha Plant map will be the last DLC for Splatoon. It was previously conveyed via Game Informer that platoon's free DLC campaign will run until January 2016 and there is no plan of releasing a paid DLC.