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Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home premiered earlier this week and it shows our neighbourhood Spiderman going to Europe to fight enemies from different dimensions.

Major Spoilers ahead:

Marvel Cinematic Universe's latest Spider-Man movie features Tom Holland playing the role of Peter Parker. But the movie begins by showing Nick Fury and Maria Hill facing the worst storm in Mexico — during that time, it is revealed the storm is caused by Elemental. Then and there, a superhero, Quentin Beck, arrives there and fights him off.

In a place far away, we see how Midtown School of Science and Technology has to restart their academic year to accommodate all those students who were resurrected by Bruce Banner aka Hulk after Avengers Endgame. Peter Parker has to enrol for the same and soon after, he goes on a two-week summer field trip to Europe. The movie features how Peter is having issues after the death of Tony Stark. Meanwhile, his feelings for his classmate MJ grows and he even decides to confess his feelings.

Just when Peter thought that everything will go smoothly in his life, he and his friends are attacked by the Water Elemental in Venice. Soon after that, Nick Fury provides Peter Parker with Tony Stark aka Iron Man's glasses, which simply states that Peter has now become the new Iron Man. What begins from there on is an adventure-filled journey for Peter and his friends.

Spider-man: Far From Home
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If you want to enjoy a light-hearted superhero movie after experiencing Tony Stark's death in Avengers: Endgame, then the latest Spiderman movie should be on your list. The movie will begin by showing the brooding life of Peter Parker but in the end, it will reveal how Marvel is planning to take this new phase ahead.

Tom Holland's Spider-Man: Far From Home is made against a budget of $160 million and is projected to gross more than $350 million worldwide by the end of its first week of release. There are several movie experts who are even suggesting that the movie may earn more than $500 million in just 10 days.