Independent animation company Allegra Town has recently released a seven-minute short of Spider-Gwen manoeuvring around skyscrapers. The short is undoubtedly intriguing and has created a buzz among comic-book fans, who are urging the studio to bring out a full-time series based on the character.

In the short, spider-powered Gwen Stacy can be seen in her Spider-Gwen costume, jumping and moving around big buildings probably in a part of Manhattan.

Though the short is just seven minutes long, the animation style and smoothness of the overall cinematography is pretty interesting and gives an absolute Spider-Man vibe.

Since the launch of the video, it has gone viral on several social networking websites including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Fans are constantly urging the studio to come out with a series on it.

Though there is no such confirmation from Allegra Town, the short definitely hints to a full-length series on which the studio might be working.

Spider-Gwen is perhaps the most anticipated newcomer in the world of superheroes. Debuting in February, 2015, the character has been praised both by critics and fans, and has developed a worldwide following since then.

Even though Gwen Stacy has been a part of the Marvel Universe, especially the Spider-Man comic books, for quite a long time, it was the first instance when creators attempted to present her as a superhero.

Set in an alternate universe, "Spider-Gwen" tells the story of Gwen Stacy, who was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker, and hence was left with no choice but to don the costume of Spider-Gwen and save the world from numerous lunatics and villains.

With an ongoing "Ultimate Spider-Man" series, Marvel might greenlight the Spider-Gwen animated series, and the way the character and the comic books have garnered immense popularity, the series, too, will hopefully do well.