Bellamkonda Sreenivas and Sonarika Bhadoria-starrer "Speedunnodu", released in theatres across the globe on Friday, 5 February, has received mixed reviews and average ratings from the critics.

Director SR Prabhakaran's debut Tamil movie "Sundarapandian", starring M Sasikumar, Lakshmi Menon, Vijay Sethupathi and Soori, was a big success, both critically and commercially. It was later remade in Kannada as "Raja Huli", and the Yash-starrer reaped huge dividentds at the box office.

Now, ace director Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao has brought it to the Telugu audience in the form of a remake titled "Speedunnodu". He has made certain changes to the original script and added commercial elements to suit the taste of local film-goers. But the director has failed in recreating the original magic, say critics.

While changing things, the director has failed to retain the original charm in the script, which has become boring throughout, except for the climax. Bellamkonda Srininvas' performance, good music, dance choreography and a few comic scenes are the highlights of the movie. The boring screenplay is the biggest drawback of the film.

We bring you some critics' verdict and ratings for the movie. Here is the "Speedunnodu" review roundup:

The New Indian Express Ratings: 2

For a film that promises to be a fast-paced entertainer, as the title Speedunnodu suggests, there are too many speed-breakers during the course of this journey. With a redundant plot and an unimaginative screenplay, Speedunnodu is a mediocre fare at best.

AP Herald Ratings: 2

The story meanders without definite plan or direction most of the time and makes it all into a tedious journey to the end. The film starts and meanders along towards a meek end. It wouldn't be an exaggeration if it is said that nothing worthwhile happened in between. Half baked comic caper that the film is, in the first half, turns into an emotional drama second half, with Shoban becoming a suspect. The feel good emotional mystery that is sought to be cooked up fizzled out leaving the viewer in the high and dry. The final conversation between friends was expected to redeem the movie, but instead it looks unbalanced that it proves to be the last nail in the coffin.

123 Telugu Ratings: 3

Speedunnodu has an interesting story line which is set well in a rural set up. Bellamkonda Srininvas impresses with his all round skills and does his job pretty well. Interesting twists during the climax and lavish songs are huge assets. Barring a few dull moments during the first half and lack of emotional bond between the friends, this film can be given a shot for its overall package.

Idream Post Ratings: 2.5

Speedunnodu is glossy in every sense. It's a village based drama, without a trace of rawness or intensity, which the story merits. The film's two lead actors Sreenivas and Sonarika have little chemistry between them to root for them and by the time they confess their love for each other, it feels like we were taken on a trip to Pluto and brought back to witness more reels of boredom. The climax is the only segment in the film which is captivating, but the thing is – it's the only thing worth talking about in this film.