In a heartwarming incident, a 13-year-old autistic boy reunited with his mother who went missing from his house in Uttar Pradesh's Handia. The specially-abled boy was found in Assam's Guwahati-based NGO. 

The boy, Shom Soni who was reported missing since July 2015, ran into his mother's arms in an emotional scene when the boy saw his mother five years later.  The emotional mother hugged her son and cried with joy after years five of separation. 

Specially abled child reunites with mother
Specially abled child reunites with mother: Screen grab

Went missing while playing outside the house, boarded train to Assam

Shom is autistic and suffers from bouts of epilepsy. As per the mother Rita, Shom was playing outside their home in Handia and suddenly disappeared. The family looked for him for five years in all parts of UP and Bihar but they have no idea about how he managed to reach Assam.

According to sources Shom appears to have boarded a train and reached Bongaigaon in Assam where child welfare department officials found him and handed him over to Destination, the Guwahati. Later he was brought to the organisation's Guwahati office.

We never lost hope, with each passing day it seemed impossible

Rita, Shom's mother said, "We had been searching for Shom since the day he went missing. Though we never lost hope, with each passing day it seemed impossible we would find him. It's a miracle he was found after so long and so far away," as per reports by the Hindustan Times. 

Rupa Hazarika, founder of Destination said to HT, "The child wasn't able to recollect many details about his family. But he knew his name and the school where he was studying. From the way he talked, we assumed he could be from UP."

"Many attempts were made to find out the exact location of the school, but we failed. Shom started living with other children in our facility where we took care of his needs," she added.

After a lot of back and forth, the child welfare committee in Prayagraj was able to trace Shom's family in February this year. But they couldn't come to collect him all these months because of the lockdown. And finally, this is how Shom reunited with his family.