A British-Indian businessman who was sentenced to six months in prison for punching to death a man who was taking pictures and videos of his children in Spain might have his sentenced suspended.

The accused, Devinder Kainth, 39, who was dining with his partner and kids, saw German national Sandro Rottman, 43, filming his children. While confronting Rottman, Kainth punched him in the head, which led to Rottman's demise as he had severe liver cirrhosis.

The judge presiding over the case at Algeciras Criminal Court said: "Around 10 pm on 7 February, the accused was dining with his family at Spinnaker Restaurant in Sotogrande and German national Sandro Rottman was using an iPad in the same restaurant to take photographs among other things. This really upset the accused and led to him shouting at Sandro that he should erase them whilst he demanded he explain his actions. The tense situation led to a fight in which the accused punched Sandro several times in the head."

Rottman, a suspected paedophile, was being investigated for having child pornography images on his computer.

Kainth, being a first time offender in Spain and with a sentence of less than six months, might be let out as Spain doesn't enforce sentences of less than two years for first-time offenders, reported the Daily Mail.

Kainth's emotional state was taken into account while sentencing, reported the Daily Mail, as a manslaughter charge in Spain generally has a one to four years' sentence.