Singer and songwriter Nick Jonas dropped his newest track out in this world. Spaceman album and music video features him and his wife, our very own desi girl, Priyanka Chopra. 

The Jonas Brothers member debuted the music video for his latest single Spaceman on YouTube which took fans on an inter space adventure amid the release of his fourth studio album of the same name. In this intergalactic adventure, we were introduced to another planet with plantations. 

Space man priyanka chopra nick jonas

In this music video, Nick Jonas lands on a new planet and takes off on a mission, but soon becomes frustrated with his surroundings and perpetual solitude. He yearns for the love of his life, who later appears in the music video, in the form of digital memory. 

In the later scenes, his wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas appears in hologram form and reaches out a hand to Nick in his imagination, which prompts Nick Jonas to embark on his jetpack-fueled journey home.

Jonas released his music video Spaceman late last month, as the third track of his next album of the same name, which drops Friday. Spaceman consists of 11 new songs, including This Is Heaven, Sexual and Death Do Us Part.

The lyrics of the latest tracks dive deep into the coronavirus pandemic and the anxiety The Voice coach felt during the 2020 presidential election. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra may not have been extremely vociferous about their opinions on American politics, however, when Kamala Harris had been elected as the Vice Presidential candidate in 2020, Priyanka Chopra had shared the joy of watching a woman of Indian lineage, taking the step of a world leader in the US.