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South Korean YouTuber "Ddiye", a 10-year-old starlet gained immense popularity for her videos and reviews. The little star announced on Tuesday to take a break due to "hater" reporting her videos out of jealousy.

"Ddiye" took to YouTube to post her first ASMR video on November 2 and shot to fame within a short time. She gained nearly 5.9 million views till date and has a huge fan following who dearly call her their niece. The video shows the girl's unscripted acts with a microphone near her mouth. She follows the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response genre also known as ASMR. This genre of videos provides viewers a static tingling sensation or "low grade euphoria" triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli.

The starlet YouTuber gained success for her unique use of microphone which set her apart from other professional ASMR YouTubers. Within a month of her first video, she garnered over 460,000 subscribers with many referring her as "Lan-cable niece" by her self-proclaimed online uncle and aunties.

Ddiye's popularity invited many well-wishers as well as trouble mongers who saw her instant success as their failure. The ad revenue generated by the child has also led to a rising number of haters who schemed to mar her growth. Ddiye's video on dongchimi radish, meringue cookies and edible colored paper were deleted last weekend.

Further to various cropping issues, Ddiye took to YouTube community website stating that "I'm crying drops of tears, I need to rest for a month or two". Many of her fans believe that those who reported the videos and sent hate messages must be users of online website called "Ilbe Storehouse". The website contained hate messages lashed out at the 10-year-old YouTuber's success stating that "kids shouldn't be earning huge amounts of money".

As per YouTube's policy, the general public can report videos containing nudity, sexual content, violent or graphic images and copyright violations. Many fans are clueless as to what reason was mentioned to bring down a child's ASMR video.