South Korea Nuclear Plant operator hacked
(Representational Image)Reuters

A day after a hacking attack on computer systems at South Korea's nuclear plant raised suspicion about North Korea's involvement, especially after the high-profile Sony Pictures hacking, investigators have claimed evidence that the attack came from a city in China.

A suspect behind the nuclear reactor hacking attack used multiple IP addresses traced to China, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported.

The hacker reportedly accessed information on the state-run nuclear power plant's operator, the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., from a Chinese city, which has not been named, according to an investigation.

The hacker, who is believed to be heading an anti-nuclear reactor group, leaked information on Twitter last week, including blueprints of nuclear reactor facilities, a radiation exposure report, and personal data of about 10,000 employees.

However, the government said that all the information leaked was "non-critical."

The suspicion had first pointed towards North Korea, which is technically still at war with the South, and currently embroiled in accusations by the United States of hacking Sony Pictures.

Last year, South Korea had accused the North of a series of cyberattacks on banks and broadcasters.