South Africa violence
Mozambique migrant Emmanuel Sithole was attacked and killed in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Saturday.Sunday Times Twitter

Even as South Africa faces one of its worst xenophobic violence in years, photos of one helpless migrant being stabbed and killed has become the face of the attack, sparking outrage across the world. 

A migrant from Mozambique, identified as Emmanuel Sithole, was stabbed in broad daylight in Johannesburg on Saturday, even as he pleaded for his life. 

Photos of the ghastly attack are being shared on social media, sparking anger and outrage even as violence continues to rage in the African nation. 

A group of men stalked Sithole as he walked in the Alexandra township, and then attacked him with a knife and a wrench, leaving him to die on the streets, according to South African newspaper Sunday Times

The newspaper described the brutal attack witnessed by its journalist, who rushed Sithole to the hospital where he was declared dead. 

Three people have reportedly been arrested for his murder. 

Twitter mourned the brutal killing of Emmanual Sithole, which has come to highlight the extent of violence in the latest wave of xenophobia in the country.

The deadly clashes began after locals blamed migrants from other African nations of stealing their jobs. 

Thousands of people have been displaced and businesses have been shut in the otherwise bustling South African cities of Durban and Johannesburg. 

More than 300 people have been arrested in connection with the violence in recent days.