Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas in a still from SuckerInstagram

Sophie Turner is spilling dirty secrets about her marriage and we love it. The X-Men: Dark Phoenix star revealed an NSFW detail about her personal life with husband Joe Jonas.

Sophie was speaking with Buzzfeed when she let the naughty secret slip. In her defence, she was being smothered by cute puppies. Reportedly, the outlet gave Sophie puppies to play with while answering questions. Sophie was on the topic of her newly released film, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but was distracted for a moment when a nosy puppy tried to nudge his way into her blazer and towards her breast.

Caught off guard, Sophie exclaimed, "Okay! All right — you know what, you remind me of my husband." Okay Sophie, that may have been too much information. We wonder what Joe will have to say about that little slip of the tongue. The Game of Thrones actress and the Jonas brother got hitched in a surprise quickie wedding in Las Vegas, which surprised fans. But it looks like there will be a second wedding as well. Apparently, Joe threw a bachelor party in Ibiza recently. 

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas
Sophie Turner and Joe JonasInstagram

Sophie Turner just ended her run on the hit TV show Game of Thrones, with the final season wrapping up in May. But she is reprising her role as the mutant Jean Grey in the X-Men sequel Dark Phoenix, which is in theatres. The movie is garnering mixed reviews. Joe Jonas, on the other hand, seems to be riding high on the success of his comeback with his brothers. Even after the end of Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner will most probably have a lot to keep her busy. And we have to say, the most important of them all might just be her husband. You can check out the video here: