People who have had to buy land know the hassles of getting land survey done. The multi-step process is anything but a seamless task, which significantly depends on the Survey Department. But the Karnataka government is putting an end to those woes with the help of an app, which can be used by land owners to mark up borders and conduct land survey with ease.

In a first, the Karnataka Survey Department is launching an app that can be used to measure one's own agricultural land for the purpose of survey. Traditionally, an officer from the department would be assigned the task of measuring the land and updating the records with the same. But the launch of an app means the landowners can take the tapes and upload the measurements on the mobile app.

Land Plot
Credit: Reuters

"We have been planning this for some months. In the app, people will be allowed to use a digital sketch, which cannot be tampered with. Within their boundaries, they can divide their property any which way they want. Even the time-consuming Podi or division of land can be done digitally. It is obviously not difficult to mark two points on a map. We are putting in safeguards to ensure that it is not misused," Survey Commissioner Mounish Moudgil told The New Indian Express. The land survey app is the brainchild of Moudgil.

How will it work?

As Moudgil explains, the app will use satellite images and will have click points. The user will be required to fill in details like survey number, Aadhaar for authentication, etc. The digital map of a land in the app can be used at the time of the sale, helping buyers and sellers decide which portion of the land is being sold. The same will be updated to the department for future references.

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For security, the app will also be encrypted with biometric sensor, and the report will only be generated after successful fingerprint authentication.

"This is a project we have been considering and we have held a meeting to work things out," Revenue Minister R Ashoka was quoted as saying.