Sony Xperia Z
Sony Sends out Invites for March 6 Event; Xperia Z Expected Facebook

Sony Corp's high-end Xperia Z smartphone, which was recently unveiled at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show, is reportedly off to a good start after its launch in home country Japan and several parts of Europe.

According to Reuters, Sony's Sony Mobile's Calum MacDougall, head of Xperia marketing said "We have seen really good pre-orders. We had the first stocks available in Germany in Berlin at the Sony store and sold those out in two hours."

 "In France, we sold more in one day in our online store than we sold in 12 weeks in mobile devices."

The Android smartphone is currently available in 60 countries. As the initial sales of the handset raised the company's stand in the technology market, the competition from rival companies Apple and Samsung cannot be ignored.

According to Gartner, Sony's market share in the last quarter was up at 1.7 percent, while Apple and Samsung's mobile phone share stood at 9.2 percent and 22.7 percent, respectively. Sony's new phone is price at 649 euros.

"It (the Xperia smartphone) sold over 150,000 units in its first week in Japan, taking a 24 percent market share straight away." said McDougall. "It may be a bit too early to say but the first signs a very positive."

When asked about the possibility of launching a Windows-based smartphone, McDougall said," The products we will bring to the market in the first half of this year are Android products. Of course we are always looking at different operating systems."

Sony seemed to have started on a good note with its Xperia Z smartphone. Stepping up the competition in the tablet segment, the company also announced the launch of its 10.1-inch Xperia Tablet Z Android tablet at the electronics convention.