We recently reviewed Sony's WH-1000XM3 and couldn't be more impressed by the overall package and completely blown by the noise-cancelling and battery life of the premium headphones. The 1000XM3 appealed only to the niche category of people who are willing to spend the top-dollar on a good pair of headphones, leaving those who cannot spend Rs 30,000 in sheer disappointment. It looks like Sony has heard the cries of the masses.

Sony launched WH-CH700N wireless headphones at Rs 12,990, and that's a price tag fully justified by the Japanese tech titan. We haven't tested the new CH700N headphones, but if the wireless noise-cancelling is as good as the WH-1000XM3 then it's a steal for the price. Looking at the features of CH700N, it sure seems like a complete package.

Sony CH700N don't look as premium as the WH-1000XM3, but it's unfair to judge the book by its cover. The headphones are equipped with Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancellation (AINC) technology to adjust the audio performance by analysing background sounds. A dedicated button for noise cancellation with a press and hold gesture will cut you off from the worldly noises instantly.

Sony CH700N launched in India
Sony CH700N launched in IndiaSony

Another interesting feature in the CH700N is the built-in Google Assistant support, which the company says will be activated with a software update. The integrated mic will carry out all your voice commands and also allow you to take calls wirelessly.

The wireless headphones connect to your phone via Bluetooth 4.1, but there's also NFC to seamlessly connect by just tapping the phone to the left earcup. Like the 1000XM3, the CH700N also works with Headphones Connect app to fine-tune your best settings.

Sony CH700N launched in India
Sony CH700N launched in IndiaIBTimes India/Sami Khan

One of the biggest USPs of 1000XM3 was the prolonged battery, which seems to be ported in the CH700N. Sony claims a fully charged CH700N can last 35 hours and the Quick Charge technology will give an hour of playback with just 10 minutes of charge. In case the juice runs out, there's a 1.2-meter cable to connect to your phone's 3.5mm jack (if you still got one of that).

Sony CH700N packs 40mm drivers with a sensitivity of 97dB/mW and a frequency response between 7Hz to 20,000Hz. The headphones come with a unique Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) feature to enhance the quality of compressed music files.

With great emphasis on wireless headphones, Sony's CH700N is going to be positioned just right under the spotlight. The affordable pricing makes it just even better for Indian consumers.