Soon after Sony launched its much-awaited fourth-generation gaming console on 15 November, gamers have been scrambling to purchase more accessories, adding more to Sony's revenue from PlayStation 4 sales which topped an impressive one million mark in its first 24 hours.

Apart from the console, the PlayStation 4 bundle includes another much needed accessory - the DualShock 4 controller.

To make full use of the console and experience gaming on a whole new level, users would need to invest more on several other accessories which are currently available in the market.

Following are the top five accessories for PlayStation 4:

PlayStation 4 DualShock Charging Station (Average price - $29.99)

The PlayStation 4 DualShock Charging Station provides a neat space for the gamer to rest the DualShock 4 controller instead of letting the device lying carelessly around. The Charging Station can also charge two controllers at a time.

PS4 Vertical Stand (Average price - $17.99)

The vertical stand comes into use when a gamer is running out of space to place the console. But it completely depends on the gamer as the horizontal and the vertical positionings of the console have their own pros and cons which can be viewed here.

PS4 BluRay Remote (Average price - $19.99)

Having a PS4 BluRay Remote is said to boost one's experience of watching videos through the console and operating them easily through a dedicated remote system.

Universal Tritton AX 720 7.1 Surround Headset (Average price - $149.99)

This headset is mainly for gamers who like shooting games. The headset would give an edge while communicating and sensing the direction of threat. The headset comes with a separate game and voice control volume and voice monitoring, which lets the user hear his/ her voice while playing and giving certain commands, reporteds Super Cheats.

Momentus LP 1TB 2.5in Intern Hard Drive (Average price - $99.99)

For users who have their hard drives packed with games and need more space, Seagate has created the Momentus hard drive which is compatible with the PS4 console. The user would need to replace it with the existing hard drive.