Sony's recently-launched PlayStation 4 finally hit select markets last week, delighting hard-core gamers with its cutting-edge technology and slew of features.

Consumers, who have received the console and are able to operate it despite reports of system defects, might be wondering about the default position of the console. PlayStation 4 can be kept in both upright and vertical positions.

Both vertical and horizontal positioning of the console has certain positive and negative aspects, which affects the airflow system and other functions.

Following are some positive and negative points for both positions of Sony PlayStation 4.

Horizontal Position


- Quite disk drive: Placing the PS4 horizontally will reduce system noise, which mainly originates from the rotating disk drive. In addition to this, there will be less weight and stress on the drive.

- More cooling: With the new consoles, more heat is produced as the functions which ensure smooth running of the game are enormous. To prevent the console's internal parts from getting overheated, one can keep it horizontally as both sides of the console have an intake vent.


- Slight Wobbling: Kept horizontally, it has been noticed that when the Sony logo side of the console is pushed down, it wobbles, which indicates that the particular side might have less rubber to put it in a stationary position. So a user cannot put certain amount of weight on that very part of the console as it might spoil the system.

- Space Consuming: PlayStation 4, when kept horizontally, takes a lot of space which may creat problems for a user who does not have a wide shelf.

Vertical Position


- Saves Space: Keeping the PlayStation 4 in a vertical position will save a lot of space, especially if the shelf is not wide enough to fit a console that is placed horizontally.

- Design: PlayStation 4 looks best when in vertical position. The edge-to-edge design of the console, which is one of its major features, loses its charm when placed horizontally.


- Tipping Risk: A vertically placed PlayStation 4 is more inclined to damage, caused by one ramming their foot into it or by pets knocking it down, which may spoil the internal functions of the system.

- It has been noticed that the console makes more noise while being in the upright position due to its cooling fan and disc drive rotation.

- More Heating: The console can get quickly heated up when placed vertically. This happens because one of the vents placed on either side of the console is blocked which further puts stress on the console, reported Just Push Start.

- Extra Costs: To make the console stand vertically, one needs to buy an exclusive PlayStation 4 stand which is sold as a separate product that costs an additional $20, depending on the seller.

The Sony PlayStation 4 launch video can be viewed below:

[Video Courtesy: PlayStation/Youtube]