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As expected, Sony was present at this year's E3 event with a number of big announcements under its belt.

The company was at the forefront of a number of "oh-so-game" moments, and more so after it announced a few titles that weren't even around for so many years, apart from a host of new and extraordinary titles, and an out-of-this-world look at Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

Here's a detailed look at everything Sony had to offer at its E3 2015 conference.

Sony Loves Hitman (And Vice Versa)

Sony has confirmed that a brand new Hitman game is coming soon, and it will simply be titled as Hitman. The game has been developed by IO-Interactive and will see players taking up mission in different locations across the planet, calling it "the most ambitious Hitman game ever". Here's a short trailer that sees Agent 47 running through a forest and sniping a target.

Destiny: Taken King DLC Treated to a Release Date

While leaks and speculations have arrived in abundance following the news that Destiny's next big DLC, Taken King, is real, we were still waiting to be treated to something of a more serious nature. However, thanks to Sony's E3 press conference, we now know that the Taken King will be released on 15 September, 2015.

Street Fighter V Has New Playable Characters

The new Street Fighter V would arrive as a PS4 exclusive was already a known fact, but at Sony's E3 conference, we also learnt that Cammy and Birdie will arrive as playable characters.

Horizon is Guerrilla's New Brainchild

Guerrilla Games, known for developing Killzone, is back in the business with its new title, Horizon. The trailer for the title seems intense; featuring a woman exploring a cave full of paintings, the narrator relives the history of humankind and how civilisation fell apart. The story is about how mankind evolved from that point, with a certain Sentient technology also evolving, creating life forms that resemble animals.

Media Molecule Introduces Dreams

In case you don't know Media Molecule, these are the same guys who created the LittleBigPlanet series. And now, the company is back to the front once again with its new title, Dreams. For the game, players will be able to use DualShock 4 to sketch in a surreal landscape. They will create objects and characters that can also be animated using DualShock 4. As bizarre as it sounds, zombies will be seen fighting teddy bears.

Firewatch's First Love for PS4

At the event, Sony confirmed that Campo Santo's upcoming title, Firewatch, will make its console debut on PlayStation 4.

The Last Guardian Is Very Real

One of the biggest deals about Sony's E3 2015 press conference was the opening six minutes of footage of the game running on PS4. The game is still under the very-talented Fumito Ueda, and is awaiting a 2016 release.

A Final Fantasy VII Remake – Finally!

At the event, developer Square Enix also announced that a full remake of Final Fantasy VII is currently under development.

Shenmue 3 Needs Your Help

Taking advantage of Sony's E3 Press Conference, legendary developer Yu Suzuki launched a Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3. "We can unfold the continuous story," said Suzuki. "Shenmue 3 will be the story you have waited for. The fate of Shenmue is in your hands now."

World of Final Fantasy – Coming for PS4, PS Vita

If you can't have enough of Final Fantasy (FF VII Remake announced), you should jump with joy to know that Sony's VP of publishing Adam Boyes has announced a second Final Fantasy title. World of Final Fantasy is a brand new game and is due to arrive on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in 2016. The game looks extremely cute.

Sony's PlayStation Vue is Getting Bigger

At the event, Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO Andrew House announced that PS users will soon be able to subscribe to single, unbundled TV stations via the company's PlayStation Vue streaming service. Moreover, at launch, users will have the option to subscribe to Showtime, Fox Soccer, and a brand new channel from Machinima.

RIGS from Guerrilla Cambridge

RIGS is an upcoming multiplayer FPS from Guerrilla Cambridge and Morpehus. This new IP is a 3 vs. 3, esports-style title that will take full advantage of the VR technology.

AC Syndicate's Exclusive Downloadable Content for PS4

It was also revealed at the event that Assassin's Creed Syndicate on PlayStation 4 will be treated to exclusive downloadable content with The Dreadful Crimes. The DLC missions will see players solve crimes, inspired by famous detective novelists. Expect stuff from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as well. Elementary, isn't it?

No Man's Sky Will Go the Distance

We are really excited about No Man's Sky, and Sony officially blew our minds at its E3 2015 Press Conference. Hello Games' Sean Murray was there to present a live demo of the title. He showed off the ability to warp through space, discover new life forms, and even maintain a log of all the discoveries.

Sony Strikes a Deal with Activision

And thanks to that, all future Call of Duty content will arrive first on PS4. This includes all new map packs and DLCs as well.

Developer Digital Has Four New Games

As many as four new titles are inbound from Developer Digital for PS4: Ronin, a 2D stealth action game; Eitr, a pixel-based character action game; Mother Russia Bleeds, a brutal 2D brawler; and Crossing Souls, a stylish-looking action adventure title.

Star Wars Battlefront Co-op – First Look

Sony also showcased a new footage for Star Wars Battlefront, alongside stuff related to its two-player cooperative gameplay missions.

Disney Infinity Star Wars a PS4 exclusive

It was announced that a limited-edition Disney Infinity 3.0 bundle is heading for the PlayStation 4. The bundle will arrive with Twilight of the Republic (Episodes 1-3) and Rise Against the Empire (Episode 4-6). PS4 owners will be able to play both on launch, while the bundle is also said to come with a Boba Fett figure.

Stay tuned for more updates!