Veteran singer Sonu Nigam had recently shared a video on Instagram wherein he had mentioned how a Bollywood actor (without naming) had used to the position of power to drop his song from a film and replaced by another singer of his choice. He also spoke about how the music industry are run by the mafia and warned that music companies should be kind to aspiring young talents.

His video instantly went viral on social media. However, soon after his shocking revelation about the music companies, a few articles published by a leading daily had tried to eliminate Sonu's views saying that his allegations are null and void.

Sonu Nigam, Bhushan Kumar
Sonu Nigam, Bhushan KumarInstagram

When Sonu came across these articles, he decided to make yet another video, and this time he was not afraid to reveal the names of those people who were allegedly trying to malign his image publicly.

Sonu Nigam warns Bhushan Kumar

In the video, Sonu came down heavily upon T-Series head Bhushan Kumar and warned him that he has messed up with the wrong person.

"Bhushan Kumar, now I have to mention your name. And now, you deserve being addressed without respect. You have messed with the wrong person," Sonu said in the video in Hindi.

"Do you remember the time when you would come to my home requesting me, 'brother record an album for me. Brother, record Deewana for me. Brother, introduce me to Smita Thackeray and Bal Thackeray. Save me from Abu Salem. Abu Salem is abusing me, do you remember? Don't mess with me, I am warning you."

"Do you remember, Marina Kanwar? I don't know why they backed out, but the media knows how the mafia functions. I still have that video with me. Now if you mess with me, I will upload that video on my YouTube channel. So don't mess with me," Sonu Nigam said in the video.

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