Vikram Chatterjee, Sonika Chauhan death
Vikram Chatterjee with Sonika ChauhanTwitter

His arrest has been one of the most sensational news originating from the Bengali film industry of late. And although the film fraternity is deeply split over the arrest of actor Vikram Chatterjee in connection to the death of model-TV anchor Sonika Chauhan in a car crash on April 29 on July 6 with some empathising with him and others not, the man himself is struggling to cope with the life he has been leading at the moment.

Bengali news reports have said that the actor is finding it extremely difficult to eat the food being offered in the police lock-up and mostly refused it. Chatterjee's diet includes chapatti and sabzi for dinner, bread and tea for breakfast and rice and insipid dal and tiny piece of fish for lunch. According to sources in Kolkata Police, Chatterjee is refusing most of the food being offered to him. He also is not having proper sleep, thanks to the uncomfortable blanket and the concrete floor to lie upon.

The man, however, has said that he has not lost hope but was worried over his parents' well-being, the reports said.

Chatterjee faced charges of culpable homicide for the crash in which Sonika died. Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code says culpable homicide not amounting to murder could earn one a  term of up to 10 years.

Though it took quite a while to arrest Chatterjee, the police said there was "enough evidence" against the actor.