Director Ivan Ayr's Hindi movie Soni, which was released on Netflix India, has struck a chord with the audience and the movie has been flooded with rave reviews on Twitter and other social media sites.

Soni is a crime drama film, which has been written by Ayar and Kislye and directed and edited by debutant Ivan Ayr. Kimsi Singh and Kartikeya Narayan Singh have bankrolled it under their banners Jabberwockee Talkies and The Film Cafe Production. The movie was premiered on Netflix India on January 18.

Soni was first premiered in the Orrizonti (Horizons) section of the 75th Venice International Film Festival and received a standing ovation. It won the Facebook Award for Best 'Work-In-Progress' project. Ayr got a special mention for "Achievement In Directing" for the film at the 2018 Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

Soni movie story: The film revolves around the story of a young policewoman named Soni (Geetika Vidya Ohlyan) and her superintendent Kalpana (Saloni Batra), who have collectively taken on a growing crisis of violent crimes against women in India's capital city, Delhi. The film chronicles the life of these two women.

Analysis: Soni showcases the gender biased society and Ivan Ayr's direction and Ayar and Kislye's script are thrilling. Geetika Vidya Ohlyan and Saloni Batra have delivered brilliant performances, which is the highlight of the film. The movie has decent production and picturisation, background score and dialogues are attractions on the technical front, say the audience.

Soni movie review: Soon after watching it, thousands of audience took to Twitter to share their verdict on the film. We bring you some viewers' response on the flick. Continue to see them below:

DeepthiReddy‏ @DeepRK94

Completed watching the movie #Soni on @NetflixIndia. The story of two female delhi based cops going through a lot in their personal and professional life in this gender biased society. Loved the screenplay and the stellar performances of 2 female cops. @anuragkashyap72 thnx

Tanvir‏ @not_a_fiction

Just saw this movie. Blown away. It's like just plain truth served to you and it scares you about the society you live in but at same time characters like Soni and Kalpana gives you hope. @GeetikaVidya @salonibatra_29 #IvanAyr #SONI ❤️

Namita Sharma‏ @NamitaSh1911

Just finished watching #Soni. It was so real that almost no one appeared as they are acting especially both the leading ladies. The whole movie was so real, be it the police station, Sonu's house or the streets of Delhi. Great direction!

Meet M‏ @MeetModi1

Such a fantastic film! Saloni batra as Kalpana is such a sensitive performance, as an actor the way she conveyed warmth & affection towards Soni & her niece with such brevity, it's one of my favorite performances. The sound design of the film, one rarely gets to hear ambient sounds in Indian films, adds so much personality to the film & the place it belongs to

Atul Sabharwal‏ @sabharwalatul

#Soni is not a horror film, it's terrifying. It spins the idea of violence against women on its head by placing two female police officers at its centre, the officers who are supposed to protect millions of civilian female population. These officers are equally vulnerable, human.

Arun Ashan‏ @arunashan

@GeetikaVidya just finished watching #Soni On @anuragkashyap72 's recco on #Netflix..what a performance mam...u lived Soni...Simply Superb..nailed it...lkg frwd to see more of u..!!!

Smriti kiran‏ @smritikiran

Ivan Ayr's @sonithefilm dropped on @NetflixIndia today. Brilliant film with standout performances by @salonibatra_29 @GeetikaVidya Watch it if you already haven't. One of the best films at the @MumbaiFilmFest last year #Soni #IndianFilms #IndiaGold #jiomamiwithstar2018

Nikunj Jhunjhunwala‏ @njhunjhunwala

#Soni - one of the finest movies of 2018. Such understated realism and brilliant performances from the 2 leads!

Neha‏ @neha2saxena

Watched #soni & was blown away. A very sharp, nuanced but yet a subtle take on gender disparity. Kudos to @NetflixIndia for producing & promoting such great content.

Visibly Hidden @visiblyhidden_

Just watched #Soni on Netflix. To me, the only good thing about the movie was the actors' performances. Other than that, it was such a weak storyline with so many loose ends! I really expected a lot when the movie started and all it left me was confusion. Left me with* The issue being targeted is vital. No doubt about that. But nothing was conclusive. It was probably the rawness and inconclusiveness of the film that just raised way too much frustration. But then again, if shown in its entirety, such matters are super frustrating.I just don't want my review to be taken as if I'm negligent of the issues of women inequality. I just wish it was more gripping and had things better explained!

Kamlesh Ranjan‏ @iKamleshRanjan

#Soni on @NetflixIndia is a gem. It showcases the everyday reality that women go through, a fine comment on misogyny and casual sexism. We need more film like this. Kudos, to actress @GeetikaVidya and @salonibatra_29 for delivering such exemplary performance. #AwesomeCinema

Kabir‏ @KabirTrivedi

#SONI is the best Hindi film of the decade. Don't @ me. No director with the likes of SLB, Raghavan, KJo, Sircar, Zoya or Hirani could've conjured up such personal tales. Loved it.

Anirudha‏ @anirudha_ingle

Saw the incredible #Soni on @NetflixIndia, it is filmmaking at it's best. It is one of the most important and relevant films of our times. Don't miss it.

Achin Jain‏ @aachinjain

Soni is a very strong film with a stronger statement on our society. Film is backed with two powerful performances & a seamless camerawork. @NetflixIndia needs to promote gems like #Soni a lot more. This film deserves much better promotion to reach wider audience. Must watch.

GT #MRX‏ @gauraveenu

Just watched #Soni on @NetflixIndia brilliant, #Indian movies are changing. It's makes you think and review your inner voice as a male. #Kudos to the team for making such a gem of a movie.