Sonam and Deepika Padukone
Sonam Kapoor and Deepika PadukoneInstagram Fan Page

Sonam Kapoor was in Mumbai on Wednesday evening but just for a night to attend a fashion brand's event. While reports were doing rounds that Sonam Kapoor deleted Deepika Padukone's post promoting PadMan, a woman journalist asked about the same at the event.

But well, Sonam Kapoor did react to the question, with a smile. She said:

"No, it has not been deleted. There was an issue with my account and if you go back to it, you will see that the post is still there. You ask so many controversial questions! And only women are doing these days, my god! I can't imagine women asking me such questions. I haven't deleted anything. There was a glitch on my Instagram account. Everything is there, in fact, my followers have also increased in last two days. Don't create a controversy when there is none. I expect a woman to support another woman and not try to create unnecessary situations. You have to support other women so that we can move forward."

Watch this video to believe it:

She was also asked about the rumours of her wedding with Anand Ahuja, to which she said: "My wedding rumours! Waah! Unfortunately main media ke saamne kabhi apni personal life ke bare main baat nahi karti hoon (I never talk about my personal life in front of the media). Thank you for keeping interest in my life."

When a male journalist asked about her jewellery, which was basically the ring she was wearing on her engagement finger. She said: "It's a costume jewellery. No, it's not, but even if I was, would I tell you?! Ya, so, I wear a ring on both fingers. (Laughs)"