Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor trolled for slamming Vivek Oberoi but defending Tanmay Bhat's jokes earlier.Instagram

While Sonam Kapoor criticised Vivek Oberoi for his controversial tweet involving Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the actress has been trolled for her earlier tweets defending comedian Tanmay Bhat for his rape jokes.

Along with several on social media, Sonam too slammed Vivek for sharing a meme that referred Aishwarya's past relationship with Salman Khan as "opinion poll", her past affair with Vivek as "exit poll" and her marriage with Abhishek Bachchan as "result".

Sonam called the tweet "disgusting and classless". While Vivek in counter ridiculed Sonam by saying she should stop "overacting" in films and "overreacting" on social media, many netizens targeted her for her earlier tweets where she had defended Tanmay over his insensitive jokes on social media.

Tanmay had a few years ago made some "jokes" on child rape, for which he was vehemently criticised. However, Sonam had then defended him saying that people "overreacted" on his "jokes".

"How do you know children don't love rape?", Tanmay had written in one of his tweets, followed by another in which he had said, "Feel really weird every time I see naked baby pics of girls. In my head I go 'Ha Ha! I saw your boobs! Ha Ha!".

In response, Sonam had tweeted, "Dear @thetanmay, being your friend I know what you say and do is never to offend, but to make people laugh". In another tweet she had written, "Don't you guys think there are issues that are more important than @thetanmay snapchat jokes??? I'm in shock with this over reaction."

Many on Twitter have now been sharing Sonam's old tweets, calling her a "hypocrite" for targeting Vivek for sharing a meme, but defending Tanmay back then for the insensitive "jokes".

"Dear @sonamakapoor, That joke shared by Vivek Oberoi is indeed disgusting and classless. But where was this decency and class when you openly defended Tanmay Bhat who made fun of child rape victims," wrote one on Twitter.

There are scores of such comments, questioning Sonam's apparent selective outrage. Check some of the tweets here: