Model turned actor Sonal Chauhan started her career at a very young age in Telugu and Hindi cinema. Not many are aware that this vivacious beauty was the first Indian to have crowned Miss World Tourism title in the year 2005. After winning our hearts globally she made her debut in the movie Jannat.

The multi-talented actress is also a singer and sang a duet with KK for the song "Kaise Bataoon" in the film 3G. She has also featured in various music videos in the past namely in Himesh Reshammiya's 'Aap Kaa Surroor,' later in 2016, with Arjun Kanungo in the romantic and heart-wrenching music video 'Fursaat.'

And now, we have learned that Sonal and Arjun are coming back with yet another romantic musical track 'Fursat Hai Aaj Bhi' which will be released this Thursday. The USP of the song is not just Sonal and Arjun's electrifying chemistry but the song has been shot at their respective houses by them during the lockdown.

Sonal Chauhan and Arjun

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times India, Sonal Chauhan spoke at length about being part of the song 'Fursat Hai Aaj Bhi' with Arjun Kanungo, coping up with the lockdown and what she keeps in mind while choosing a script and more.

Sonal Chauhan

 Excerpts from the interview:

Sonal Chauhan

On her new song 'Fursat Hai Aaj Bhi' with Arjun Kanungo

So, I have known Arjun for a long time, a few years ago we collaborated for the song 'Fursat' back in 2016, and when I got to know that he is planning one more song I got in touch with him on social media and that's how I came on board for the song. 'Fursat Hai Aaj Bhi' will be releasing this Thursday. The best part is the song has been shot during the lockdown at our respective houses on phone, it was just for one scene that we met at his (Arjun's) residence to shoot a particular sequence post-June 8, 2020. Talking about the song it's a nice romantic ballet, which sets the monsoon mood right.  'Fursat Hai Aaj Bhi' an ode to relationships that don't die with time. 

As a listener what does she enjoy listening to?

I am a music freak, I love listening to all kind of music depending on the situation and my mood. In fact, Fursaat is still on loop even today when I work out. 

 On how she is coping up with lockdown  

The lockdown is going pretty good for me, I have no qualms about it, as I keep myself occupied by doing yoga, for an hour, and go cycling for an hour in my area. I make sure I eat healthily and  to maintain a healthy lifestyle so I don't get lazy.

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Sonal has been a part of Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Bollywood films. The mediums and cultures are certainly different in terms of content and audience, and here's what she said about choosing the parameters that she keeps in mind before signing a film.

 On choosing scripts with different cultural backgrounds

I started off at a very young age, and eventually, and gradually started understanding the dynamics of cinema and audience mindsets. Having said that, every culture is varied and very beautiful and unique in their own way. The south industry is commercial as well as content-driven, people there are very very different from Bollywood. For me, the medium or industry doesn't matter. I enjoy good roles, a good script and something. which has a lot of depth and meaning to it. The content of Tamil, Telugu is commercial as well as content-driven and Bollywood is a mixture of everything. As an audience and as an actor, I always make sure that people should get entertained, and should enjoy the time they watch cinema or web. Recently, I also did a web show and I must say, digital is the need of the hour, we are evolving now.

On future projects

Well, I was supposed to start shooting for a web show from March 23, 2020, but as the lockdown was imposed it has now been shifted to July. I will also be shooting for a film but nothing has been updated to me.

For the ones, who haven't seen Sonal Chauhan previous music video 'Fursat' with Arjun Kanugo, here's the song: